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2019: APC Forum alerts Oshiomhole on Senator Shehu Sani’s antics

By Hadiza Mohammed 

The Kaduna state All Progressives Congress (APC) Solidarity Forum has warned National Chairman of the party, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to be wary of the antics of outgoing Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani.

The Solidarity Forum, a frontline APC support group which commended Comrade Oshiomhole for “turning around the fortunes of our great party with wonderful speed”, lamented that Senator Sani “has been dropping the name of the National Chairman here and there, especially in Kaduna, to achieve political relevance”.

The group said it was “deeply disturbed by the rate at which Senator Sani has been openly bragging that he has the mandate of the National Chairman to recommend names for replacement of Kaduna State APC Exco” describing the action as “belittling the office of the National Chairman”.

The group warned the Kaduna Central Senator to desist from seeking cheap relevance through namedropping of Oshiomhole’s name and ” bear in mind that the National Chairman is beyond that nonsense”.

The group then urged the Senator to accept the reality that he has schemed himself out and he should allow the Party to concentrate on the more important issue of the coming general elections.

The Forum observed that after failing to achieve his return ambition through betrayal, blackmail and incitement to hate, Sani is yet to realise that the game is up.

“The earlier Shehu Sani accepts that by his dirty antics he has permanently sealed his political fate, and desist from further fooling the public, the better for him,” the Forum said in a statement circulated to the press in Kaduna Wednesday.

The statement signed by the Forum’s Chairman, Hafiz Ali Kujama said with the final adoption of the indirect primary option for Kaduna state by the national secretariat of the APC, Senator Sani ought to have known that his deceptive political era is up.

“The times when party decisions are manipulated and the public deceived with impunity are gone. Sani should note that it won’t serve him to continue dragging the noble names of our dear President Muhammadu Buhari and the National Chairman of our great Party, Adams Oshiomhole into his muddied politics.

“Our President and Party chairman are men of integrity, men of vision, and not rogue political opportunists like Sani. A collective decision has been reached on the mode of primaries for Kaduna, endorsed by all responsible stakeholders of the party who should know what is best for the Party,” the statement read.

The Forum reminded Sani that there is always the law of Karma by which every evil that men do, catches up with them.
“It is ironic that Sani tends to forget too quickly the manner in which he stubbornly stood between the good people of Kaduna state and a development loan sought by its government.
“The universal reality is that all processes of life are characterized by the law of diminishing return. This has caught up with Sani and the expectation is that he should just allow the process to guide him in his slip into political oblivion.

“He should know that the people of Kaduna state and the patriotic members of the APC are very much comfortable with the mode of elections endorsed by the national secretariat for the state. This means that good has finally triumphed over evil and Sani has to get that in his mind.

“He is hereby placed on notice that the politics of opportunism and bringandage by him and others like him has been outphased all over the world and would therefore not be tolerated in Kaduna especially and in Nigeria generally,” the statement said.

The Forum then congratulated the APC stakeholders who genuinely stood firmly to ensure that the wish of the people is respected.

“We are also confident that the APC national leadership is committed to enforcing the will of the people at every stage and urge it to disregard the shrill whimper of dejected political jobbers which Shehu Sani represents,” the Forum concluded.

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