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2019: Group endorses Ali for Kaduna South
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A political pressure group, the Kaduna South APC Network has endorsed Hon Yusuf Ali for House of Reps seat in 2019.

A statement signed by the group’s Chairman, Isa Mohammed and made available to newsmen in Kaduna stressed that Hon Ali is so far the only candidate to openly show his manifesto.

The group said almost all the candidates vying for the Kaduna South House of Reps seat “are yet to tell us what plans they have for us, but keep on asking us to go and get our PVCs only”.
They also argued that “no sensible voter would elect any representative who has no blueprint, like the one Hon Yusif Ali has shown the whole world”.

The Kaduna South Network also stated that “the era of blindfolding the voters is over, and that is why we are asking questions ahead of 2019 elections, to enable us make an informed choice of leaders”.

The group then emphasized thus: “Hon Yusuf Ali, a.k.a Raba Gardama seems to be the only APC candidate fully prepared for the journey towards 2019, because he has his blueprint at hand and it’s already in the public domain”.

The group hailed Hon Ali for blazing a trail in his campaigns by indicating “right from the beginning, what his plans for the masses are”.

Copy of the manifesto


Having answered the clarion call of the constituents of Kaduna South Federal Constituency to represent them in the House of Representatives in the 9th National Assembly, I humble present to you my manifesto when elected into office.

I pledge to pursue this agenda for the betterment of our country Nigeria and for the good of my people of Kaduna South Federal Constituency.

Because election into the National Assembly is a national assignment with grass roots foundation, I will divide the manifesto in two part with one as agenda for our nation in general and another part for the people of Kaduna South Federal Constituency in particular.


1) Sponsorship of Bill to Abolish Age Limit In Recruitment into the Government and the Private Sector.

Having observed the regular hiccups that delay students from graduating in higher institutions in Nigeria due to no fault of theirs, I will propose a bill to abolish age limit in recruitment into federal and private employment. This becomes necessary because such delays in the pursuance of educational careers occasioned by incessant strikes and other anomalies that characterize our educational system affect the patterns of studies thereby causing unnecessary delays in educational progression.

Employers of labour usually peg the age limit for applicants and in a situation whereby such applicant is delayed unnecessarily in the institution of learning, there should be a parliamentary consideration to ensure he or she gets employment because of the disruption of their educational career which invariably extends their age in school. For instance, a student who plans to graduate at 21 may end up leaving college at 25 in addition to 1 year National Service making it 26. On the other hand, employers of labour    more often than not peg the age limit for recruitment at 22.

I will sponsor a bill to ensure that Nigerian youth do not face lack of employment because of the irregularities that affected their studies.

2) I will sponsor a bill to make it mandatory for government agencies and private sector to accept National Youth Service Corps Members posted to them for primary assignment. Often you hear of rejection of corps members, which is very debilitating and causes frustration on the corps members.

When my bill becomes a law, no agency of government or the private sector will be allowed to reject corps members posted for their primary assignment.

3) I will sponsor a bill to abolish secret recruitment into the public service. At present, recruitment into the public service is shrouded in secrecy with only the privileged ones getting appointment.

My bill when it becomes law, will make it mandatory for all Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals to publish vacancies for recruitment.

4) Abolishing the Federal Character Principle.

The Federal Character Principle as laudable as it is has outlived its usefulness. It was very relevant then but at present, it promotes mediocrity. In an era of competition, we need the best to handle all sensitive responsibilities and not just because you are from a particular state and zone considered to be disadvantaged.

All the states of the Federation have the best. Many people will not believe that the best student in the 2018 Joint Admission And Matriculation Board examinations hails from Borno State. This is clear evidence that we are now ready for competition in order to up the ante of public service in Nigeria.

5) Sponsor A Bill To Separate The Office of The Minister Of Justice From The Attorney General Of The Federation.

I believe the time has come to address this issue in order not to be politicizing judicial decisions in Nigeria.

6) Bill to Institutionalize Social Welfare in Nigeria.

When elected, I will sponsor a bill to institutionalize social welfare in Nigeria as against the current practice on ad hoc basis.

They should be an agency of government in charge of Social Welfare to take care of the less privileged, the aged and the sick in our society.

7) I will sponsor A Bill To Make It Mandatory For States To Pay Their Matching Grant For Universal Basic Education.

I strongly believe that to address the issue of decay in primary education in Nigeria, state governments must be made to pay their matching grant to UBEC in order to access funding for primary school development. The current practice where billions of Naira are yet to be accessed by state governments that are reluctant to pay their matching grant is unacceptable.

For Kaduna South Federal Constituency:

8) Attraction of Investment in Agriculture, particularly processing plants for commercial products like ginger and perishables.

9) Attraction of Federal Government Projects in all the key sectors ranging from agriculture, roads, water, power, etc.

10) Promotion of maternal health by supporting the primary health care to check the issue of maternal mortality.

11) Promotion of youth employment at the grass roots through skill acquisition programmes and establishment of cottage industries.

12) I will collaborate with other sectors and actors to ensure that the textiles in Kaduna, which used to provide employment for thousands of people are revived.

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