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2019: How I’ll rescue Kaduna as governor – Dr. Bello
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[8/17, 8:19 AM] nasirdambatta: Former financial Controller of Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), Dr. Muhammad Sani Bello formally declared his intention to contest the 2019 governorship election in Kaduna State under the platform of People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The governorship Aspirant who made former declaration at the state party office promised to rescue the state from what he called vagaries of pervasive mal- administration and restore public trust and confidence in government.

Dr. Bello, one time Commissioner for Science and Technology in the state also promised that, if given the mandate, he will be the people’s servant, leading a people oriented administration transparently run on the rule of law and fully accountable to the public.

His mission to govern the state he said, “Restore peaceful coexistence and provide adequate safety and effective security of lives and property.

“Prioritize economic growth and development for all; where everyone has equal access to jobs, regardless of sex, gender, religion, age or physical conditions.

“Pursue increased community cohesion and civic identity through societal re -orientation programmes and representative participation in social, political and cultural spheres.”

He explained that the vision of his government in the state is to make it secure, more prosperous with a robust economy built on agriculture, mining and industry through good governance underpinned by justice and fairness to all.

The mission of his government, he said, “To develop agriculture and agro – allied industries through provision of the necessary enabling environment, infrastructure and facilities to make Kaduna State one of the five most productive states in the federation.”

He alleged that, the advent of governor El-Rufai’s administration has witnessed a gross alienation of the seven million citizens of the state.

“To date, tales of woe whether from hundreds of communities destroyed and displaced by rabid insecurity and demolitions or from tens of thousands of sacked workers and their families the hallmarks of the Nasiru administration. This was because we accidentally voted in a governor who was never a part of the people and could never be expected to really understand where they are or where they wish to be.

“Kaduna State has not had it so bad on these two fronts since its creation in 1976. The number of lives and property lost to insecurity in the past three years surpasses the total for the rest of its existence.

“What is worse is that the government’s disregard for the rule of law as well as justice and fairness remains a continuous source of fresh conflicts among our diverse and heterogeneous communities.

“Economically, Kaduna State has moved from an agricultural and industrial hub to land of abandoned farms and graveyard for factories. Neither farmers nor herders in most parts are able to carry on the business of helping to feed our nation.

“Accountability and transparency in public administration and finance are no longer core values as the few contracts and appointments by the state government are now reserved for a tight circle of family, friends and cronies. The result is a plethora of unfinished projects, increased debts and intensification of mass poverty and unemployment.

“The All Progressive Congress, APC, government in Kaduna State has completely disc located the entire fabric of our society. The revered traditional institution that prides itself as source of enhancing harmonious coexistence, preserving our heritage and traditions has been decapitated.

“The civil service, which is the engine room of implementation of government policies and a symbol of continuity has been systematically destroyed.

“Such severe shortcomings could have been avoided or be overcome if the governor as the chief executive was not so all – knowing and had kept arrogance at bay,” the aspirant observed.

Responding, the state chairman of PDP, Felix Hassan Hyet said Kaduna State was looking for a governor that would build not destroy as well as a governor that will create job opportunities not the one that will send thousands to the streets of the state jobless.

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