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2019: Political parties in trouble over EFCC’s  surveillance tack
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Nigerian political  parties’ cash movement will now be under EFCC’s radar in 2019 as the anti-corruption beams its  light on them.

A source in the EFCC confirmed to Politics Today that plans have been in top gear  on the renewed surveillance technique that would hopefully sanitize the democratic space and check the excesses of moneybag politicians ahead of the  2019 polls. The source explained further  that the agency has put in place the relevant mechanism for achieving the objectives of the surveillance policy.

The policy has however ripped various political party leaders apart,  regarding fairness and has created fears about whether  it would not amount to witchunting of perceived  political opponents of the ruling  APC at both  the states and  federal levels. Some protagonists of the policy,  mainly supporters of the APC have welcomed the policy with open arms, while opposition elements,  especially  within the PDP and others have kicked against it.

Pundits said the policy has sent jitters down the spines of political party leaders in Nigeria because the Acting EFCC Chairman,  Ibrahim Magu would leave no stone unturned in sanctioning any political party exposed by the surveillance mechanism, including the APC itself. 

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