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Abba Kabir Yusuf the next governor Kano deserves
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By Hisham Habib
Democracy is just about numbers and that translates to the manifestations of popular view over suppressive manipulation.
The 2023 general election draws closer and Kano people would go to the polls as with other states to vote for candidates for the various positions contested for at the national and states level.

The NNPP gubernatorial candidate in Kano Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf has endeared the hearts of more eligible voters than all other candidates and it is no longer news that he is poised to win the election with a resounding victory.
This is substantiated by opinion views gathered in the state by outstanding radio stations social media platforms including Freedom Radio and Aminci FM.

The enthusiasm by women and children whenever Abba comes out tells you more of the preferential signals coming from the owners of the mandate themselves.
It is pertinent to also note that as a candidate with diverse experience in governance and community development he stands out in his plans for a greater Kano.
His Marshall plan on education which is a scion from what Engineer Rabiu Kwankwaso did in the state will accelerate development of that crucial sector when given the mandate and will restore the crippled system the present administration had made to efforts by governor Kwankwaso in 2015.
The healthcare sector should expect a robust intervention when NNPP comes on board as it is a personal priority of Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf to rejuvenate the hospital management in the state for a more prudent and efficient services using the most up to date facilities and the abundant manpower we are underutilizing.
Kano s position as a center of commercial activities will positively transform into a global hub considering the prominence Abba will give to the promotion of business, his meticulous approach will revitilize the business sector making it attractive to investors within the continent and globally.
The agitation by the citizens for a change from a bastardized system where nepotism and gross misconduct prevail to a disciplined and consistent government,will usher in competent and Target driven hands that would help the administration of NNPP in Kano project the local government administration to greater heights.

Gone will be the days when resources meant for developmental works will be diverted to selfish hands and the government officials will be accountable to all transactions in line with global best practices.

Not only will the NNPP government under Abba Kabir cater for the citizens well being it will also prioritize the promotion of agriculture being the occupation of many people in therural parts of the state,through tangibel programs that can be seen and utilized covering the accessibility of inputs by the farmers and the enhancement of modern skills in the sector.
The good story is that the candidate palms to encompass urban renewal policies, environmenal protection measures and the special consideration to issues like security,welfare and disability rightsamong others.
When he finally unveils a trustworthy blueprint and launch a carefully coordinated campaign the good people will be smiling in March when the y go to the polls knowing fully well the fruits in the basket will be their choice.
Hisham Habib is of the
Media and Strategic Communication unit
Abba Kabir Yusuf Campaign office


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