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Advertorial: No better candidate for House than Rt Hon Abbas – Group
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As the cacophony and discordant tones continue to grow louder and battle lines are drawn over the position speaker ship of the National Assembly, the Arewa Initiative For Good Governance has also taken a stand by Honorable Tajudeen Abbas in accordance with the mandate and zoning policy of the ruling party APC. Not only that, Tajudeen Abbas has some personal qualities that stands him out high and above the rest of the contestants.
While the name of Tajudeen Abbas continues to reverberate in resounding clarity of victory, we have taken consideration of some issues as follows
Agreeably, these merits are worthy to be considered by all patriotic and progressive Nigerians.

In spite of the germane fact that Tajudeen is possess Phd in academic pedigree which gives the logical knowledge and skills to guide the National Assembly towards greater height, the zoning of the position to the North-West gives him additional credibility and opportunity to emerge. Accordingly, the Agreement by the APC for consensus is recognized and considered as sacrosanct. In the light of these, we strongly believe in the sanctity of the Zoning Agreement which anchored its choice on Honorable Abbas from the North-West Zone. AbbasTajudeen is undeniably the First among Equals.
It is also undeniably that the North-West especially Kaduna State has generated the game-changing numbers of vote that brought the victory of this administration despite the enormous challenges it faced. It’s in gesture of rewarding exceptional performance and fairness of the APC and President-elect to name Tajudeen Abbas as their preferred candidate. This is to bolster the confidence of the people and assure that they appreciate the dividends of democracy in Kaduna state through Tajudeen Abbas who will channel his legislative authority to Kaduna state in particular and Nigeria in general.
Remarkably, other contestants have been adviced to step down for reasons of equity, fair play and national cohesion. Rightly so, the Party and the President-elect have magnanimously given the North-East the great opportunity to produce the vice president -elect. Stepping down for Tajudeen Abbas will ensure the smooth transition and take-off of the New administration. The Arewa Initiative For Good Governance respects and believe in the President-elect and also strongly believe that he will provide the Nation with good leadership, especially when a vibrant National Assembly leadership is guided with experience, egalitarian and people oriented leader like Tajudeen Abbas who will not only unify the National Assembly but the entire nation through his clarity of vision, deep political insight and progressive ideals.
Finally, the Malam Nasiru El-rufa’i’s factor plays a major role when demonstrated character, courage, nobility, audacity and led the twelve governors(Noble dozen) to ensure that the treaty and agreement that power must shift to the South, which anyone living in Nigeria are well aware. That too deserves handsome reward and international recognition.
Hon Salisu Tanko Wusono

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