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APC primaries: Shehu Sani loses out, quits
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In what is generally seen as another tactless manoeuvre, the senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani backtracked from his earlier vow to remain with President Muhammadu Buhari in rain and in sunshine by quiting the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Saturday.

The decision is an obvious fallout of Sani’s defeat in the controversies that trailed the party’s primaries for the 2019 elections.

Disclosing the move to newsmen, Sani said he has sent his resignation letter to the chairman of the APC in ward 6, Tudun wada north, Kaduna.
“I present to you my highest compliments and wish by this communication to formally offer to you my resignation from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“l had joined the APC and remained with it against all odds in the belief that it will constitute a veritable platform for the realization of those democratic ideals which I hold very dear, that honor and integrity will be the ultimate ethos of the party and, most importantly, that internal party democracy will always be the norm. However, only posterity can affirm the extent to which the APC has committed to and reflected these values.

“As I exit the APC at this point in time. I wish to formally thank the party for availing me the platform upon which I am currently serving this country in the honoured capacity of Senator of the Federal Republic.

“I wish the party well in all her future endeavors and ask sir, that you please accept the assurance of my highest considerations,” the outgoing Senator wrote.

Earlier in the day, a joint press statement by a coalition formed by The Buhari Campaign Organization (TCBO), Buhari/Osinbajo Youth For Better Nigeria, Buhari Democratic Front and the Buhari Progressive Movement had expounded what it called Shehu Sani’s inconsistencies and called for his immediate expulsion from the party.

The Coalition which later launched a comprehensive compendium of Shehu’s numerous atrocities against the APC, said he was long overdue to be shown the way out.

“As a coalition of 4 different platforms of promoters and defenders of democracy, we deem it very important to declare our stand and expose the political brigandage of incumbent Kaduna Central Senator, Shehu Sani for the records . As compatriots, we feel deeply concerned about the serial media attack against President Buhari and the APC by the Senator, after scaling to victory on the massive goodwill of the President and his party.

“It is because of the need to set the records straight and expose the questionable, downright suspicious, betrayal and barefaced hypocrisy that we embarked on the compilation of this Compendium. It is a joint effort whereby each of the stakeholders in this coalition took divergent angles of the multiple news media coverage of the regrettable compromise by the incumbent Senator. We are glad to inform the whole world that we have set aside today for presenting our humble research work for the records and to further enlighten the public on the kind of moles and untrustworthy people in the APC deliberately working in opposite direction. We make bold to say that this indecorous media attack on our President and the APC smacks of back-stabbing and ingratitude.

“Before the public gets hoodwinked by the incumbent Senator’s unrepentant attacks as a strategy for self-serving media attention, we would like to therefore declare as follows :-

“As the team of authors of this joint compendium, we hereby launch it for public consumption and as a guide on the antics of the incumbent Senator whose rampage has dared to outclass even the opposition elements. It is now abundantly clear, that the incumbent Senator’s gangster approach have thus exposed the bitter edges of his familiar antics of engaging in acts meant to either embarrass The Presidency or the APC as a party.

“This compendium is therefore a clear evidence of the Senator and his paymasters’ carefully-planned sinister scheme of rubbishing President Buhari’s anti-corruption war and denigration of the APC revolutionary change mantra. We are appalled that these antagonistic paymasters have so readily moulded a supposedly representative of Kaduna Central into a cannon powder used for the attainment of their selfish political agenda.

“Our simple, joint research findings, which we are launching today as Compendium has proved beyond reasonable doubt, that Senator Shehu is ahead of all Nigerian politicians, including incurable haters of the APC and Buhari Presidency, in terms of serial media attacks on the entire administration and its policies. We have limited our findings to just the years between 2015 and 2018, the moment he granted most of his usual dirty interviews and mean social media posts, designed to disparage either President Buhari or the APC.

“We wish to also formally inform the whole world, that our plan to hold similar launching of Compendium on other anti-Buhari and anti-APC elements are now in top gear. This means we will continue to launch more compendia on the remaining moles planted in the APC. As 2019 general elections is fast approaching we intend to expose all the bad eggs between now and December to safeguard the interests of Mr. President and the APC, ahead of the elections. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that bad eggs within the APC are shown they way out before the whistle for 2019 polls is finally blown. Watch out more new compendium from now till December.This is our pledge.

“Concerned for the future unity, prosperity and victory of the APC, which Shehu Sani is obviously out to jeopardize and after due consultations, the coalition arrived at the following:
“That any undue and destructive attack on the person, policies and politics of our dear President shall no longer be accepted from any quarter, not the least from untrustworthy members like Senator Sani

“That by this Compendium, it is now evident that both President Buhari and the APC can fair better without the presence of dangerously compromised judases.

“We therefore join other patriotic Nigerians in calling on the National leadership of the APC led by the hardworking Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, to invoke the relevant party guidelines by flushing out the likes of the loquacious Senator. The APC as a symbol of positive change should set modesty aside and tackle the thorny moles deeply entrenched at various levels of the party and doing more harm than good.

“We reiterate our unflinching support for and solidarity with the APC, with Mr. President and his development policies and programmes, said a statement read by the Coalition’s Convener, Abdullah Abdulrauf.

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