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….Tells politicians to seek redress in courts

Arewa New Agenda (ANA) has lambasted the proponents of Interim Government, while calling on politicians to seek redress in court if they were not satisfied with the outcome of the just concluded 2023 presidential election. They charged a section of the political class with deliberately raising tensions of coup and interim government.
The Convener of ANA, Senator Ahmad Abubakar MoAllahyidi while addressing journalists on Wednesday, state warns against the plot to install interim government in the country.
He said that the last Presidential election was peaceful and a candidate was declared winner, hence there is no need for the call to install interim government.
“ANA is concerned that at this critical period the nation needs healing, more social
cohesion, social re-engineering and reconciliation to get back to normality, some
elements are allegedly setting up roadblocks to unity and peaceful coexistence.
“We may recall that on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, the Directorate of State Security
Service (DSS) issued a statement that it had identified “some key players” involved in an
alleged plot for an interim government in Nigeria.
“According to the security agency, the
alleged plotters plan to sponsor series of “violent” protests and obtain “frivolous court
injunctions” to truncate the swearing in of new governments at federal and state levels.
“We may recall that Nigeria in 1993 was subjected to an interim national government
that lasted for a couple of months of high tension and uncertainty. Thirty years on, talks
of interim government are raring their head again for no good reasons.
For no good reasons because happenings and the situation of 1993 that led to the interim government then are completely different from the nation’s situation and happenings in 2023″, he said.
He further stated that the election in 1993 was declared inconclusive by the electoral body that conducted the election.
While the 2023 presidential election has produced a winner of the election and INEC the electoral body that conducted the election has declared and even issued a certificate of return to the declared winner, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
“Where then is the place for an interim government? The only option left for anyone
aggrieved by the result of the election is to go to court – a remedy aggrieved parties are
already resorting to. Where then does interim government comes in?
“The 2023 presidential election was not characterized by violence and malpractices that would warrant calling for coup or interim government”, he added.
“Any flaw of the election is one capable of legal redress in our courts and this is where aggrieved parties should channel their grievances instead of raising national tensions with talks of coup and interim government.
“This is one election since 2011, in which there was least violence, killing and arson. The outcome of the election is largely a reflection of the popular will of Nigerian electorates”, MoAllahyidi said.
He said that ANA is constrained to say that some people are bad losers. He said for such people, wherever they lost, the election was rigged, but wherever they won, it was free and fair.
“It is important we remind Nigerians that only in one occasion has a Nigerian presidential election escaped being challenged in the courts. Ironically, that was the 2015 election that delivered Nigeria’s only opposition victory and change of power between political parties at the federal level.
“Steep in the culture of not accepting defeat
honorably, Nigerian politicians challenging the result of the 25 February 2023 presidential and national assembly polls the way they are currently doing is the common practice and not the exception.
“The Nigerian Constitution envisages disputes over election results and made robust and adequate provisions for aggrieved parties to
ventilate their grievances over election outcomes in court.
“Aggrieved politicians who have taken their grievances to court or are preparing to do so
are following the laudable constitutional path of ventilating grievances.
“Those seeking to disrupt the constitutional order and transition schedule as alleged by the DSS are enemies of public good toeing the path of conflict.
“We call on them to retrace their steps and embrace the constitutional and lawful means of addressing election disputes”, he added

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