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Arewa youth flog interim government plotters
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… Says Northeast ‘ll vehemently resist it

Comrade Usman Mustapha, Chairman of the Northern Youth Unity Forum, has condemned agitators of Interim National Government(ING) describing them as “myopic, desperate election losers of 2023”.

In a media statement  he issued on Sunday, Comrade Mustapha said the call for an interim government at this point was not just a misnomer but treasonable.

He explained that it was an insult on the constitutional powers vested in the leadership of our National Assembly “to even contemplate such a ridiculous idea of an interim government.”

Comrade Mustapha said the people of the Northeast would vehemently resist any attempt to hand over power through the backdoor under an arrangement that is best suited for the Banana Republic.

” We, as a group, will legitimately fight against this contraption being bandied by anti-democratic elements, who are actually frustrated losers,” the group said.

Comrade Mustapha called on the Nigeria intelligence service to put the interim government agitators under serious surveillance as “they are now the biggest threat to both our democratic system  and national stability.”

The group also said those campaigning for interim government should know that only God can stop the inauguration of president-elect, with Nigerians already praying fervently for him. They further stated that there is a need to arrest and prosecute the campaigners of the interim government in order to serve as a deterrent to others.

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