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Banditry: Sokoto people now sleep in Niger Republic, blame Buhari – Tambuwal
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Governor Tambuwal of Sokoto State has disclosed that some communities in his State now sleep in Niger Republic for fear of being attacked by bandits.

The Governor, who made this disclosure while addressing a meeting of eminent Nigerians yesterday, however blamed President Muhammadu Buhari over the tragedy.

“Where I am presiding as governor (Sokoto State), we have communities that are not more than 10 kilometres to each other in Nigeria and the Niger Republic”, Tambuwal stated.

“As I speak to you, some of those communities, once it is evening, move into the Niger Republic, where they can sleep with their two eyes closed and in the morning, they come back to Nigeria.

While admitting that the security situation calls for concern, he then charged thus: “I quite understand how precarious our situation is in terms of insecurity and displacement of people of this country. The ship of state is rudderless. We are in a ship without a captain, we are in a ship that is clearly sinking.

“President Buhari is the president of Nigeria today. But it’s like a forced marriage between him and Nigeria. He does not understand Nigerians and Nigerians, probably up to now, do not understand President Buhari”.

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