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By Amb Ishaq M.Sani

The colossal of Arewa and most economic hub after Lagos, and Kano, Kaduna state is progressing into sustainable infrastructural hub under Governor (Sen) Uba Sani’s administration. The state, in within the last 100 days witnessed people-oriented infrastructural upgrade in education, transport, housing and across all sectors of the economy, yet challenges are inevitable for any successive administration as they hinder smooth implementation of campaign promises.

Hence, just like any other sector, infrastructure is a critical sector to enhancing job creation and socio-economic growth and development; with the first 100 days gone by and more than a thousand more to go, true patriots can only wish the good people of Kaduna well and pray that Gov. Uba Sani succeeds.

It also seemed like a date with destiny; 100 days gone since after sworn into office as the 21st Governor of Kaduna state, a man who played a vital role in the Kaduna infrastructural transformation, a professional mechanical engineer is assuming the reins of leadership as the executive governor of the most cosmopolitan Kaduna state; coupled with a famed administrative skill, vibrant and visionary leadership exhibited as chief executive officer, expectations were high – and rightly so.

What can we make of early indications from the Uba Sani infrastructural upgrade and what more can be expected?

Unanimously, it is believed that Gov. Uba Sani’s achievement within the first 100 days in office towards the realization of the upgrade infrastructure manifesto is an indicator of future success. The administration is with reinforcement to sustaining the comprehensive renewal and regeneration of critical infrastructure to enhance economic growth and public welfare.

The current government at work has been repositioning the state into an accelerated rural-urban development, through the sustainable environmental infrastructure and by extension bolstering indigenous stakeholders involvement in critical projects and local patronage.

Beyond 100 days, I see a governor with desired commitment to drive the completion of abandoned projects across the state comprising roads, waterways, bridges, initiate major link to market projects which possess element of value generation, wealth creation and employment generations capable of unlocking new and expansive economic frontiers.

In line with the governor’s plan to give the state infrastructural facelift, Mal Uba Sani is providing strategic inputs in filling any gaps related to rapid completion of on-going projects handled by various MDAs across the state in form of task-based interventions and multi-pronged, people-oriented infrastructural projects in Kaduna State.

Transport infrastructure, to address rural underdevelopment, Ground breaking for the construction of over 400km rural roads across the state to upgrade road infrastructure, through the construction of 32 rural roads to facilitate easy movement of farm produce which includes 21.7km Anchau-Gadas-Palla road Kubau and Ikara, construction of 15km Turunku-Jaji road Igabi, 13.4km Kwanar Parakwai-Kofato-Ila road Igabi, 25km Rigachikun-Tami-Birnin Yero, 2km Madachi-Wusasa road Zaria, 4.5km Katanga-Rafin Gwaza road S.Gari, 9km Sakaru-Bagaldi road Soba, 12km Lere-Gamagira Maibindiga road Lere, 2km Gubuchi-Kusallo road Makarfi, 2.5km Doka-Sabon Garin Doka-Sundu road Kudan, 31km Ikara-Sayasaya-Palla road Ikara, and 5km Sabo-Ung.Barde-Jaji-Gimbiya road Chikun.

Additionally, more strategic roads captured such as the 2.6km Makabun Aya-Lagum road Kaura, 6.2km Tachira-Kadarko road Kaura, 8.7km Tachira-Mayi-Assu road Kaura, 6km Kachia-Yelwa road Kachia, 5km Rafin Kimba-Pankare road Kagarko, 3.1km Tsauni-Kurmin Sidi road Kagarko, 9km Fadan Ninzo-Dorowa-Agamati road Sanga, 4.8km Gada Biyu-Ninte road Jema’a, 5KM Kadage-Galadimawa road Kauru, 9.3km Kwoi-Chori-Galadima road Jaba, 2km Afana-Kagoma road Jema’a, 5.6km Fadan Kaje-Rebok-Aduwan road Z/Kataf, 3km Kwoi-Gora road Jaba, 35km Kagarko-Akote-Kenyi road Kagarko, 12km Giwa-Yakawada road Giwa, 10km Fadaman Kororo-Kutura road Kajuru, 12km Kujama-Joga road Kajuru, 11.5km Idon-Iri-Ikirimi road Kajuru, 13.2km Kasuwan Magani-Kalla-Gefe road Kajuru, 27.5km Bagoma-Ung Dan Malle-Maraban Dawaki-Sabon Layi road Birnin Gwari local governments among several others on the pipeline.

Moreover, significant progress is been made to resuscitate the locomotive Train service as rail-lines are on the pipeline to link some parts of the three senatorial linking Zaria-Kaduna-Sabon Tasha-Kafanchan as part of the 3rd phase (long term) palliative measures to reduce the impact of subsidy removal.

Beyond 100 days, implementing the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system as a cost effective, affordable and sustainable mass transit system on the pipeline to cushion the effect of subsidy removal. I see a government at work through more laudable investment on agricultural infrastructure with special focus to creating access roads to mining sites, agricultural hubs to address huge post-harvest losses; and other industrial clusters in the state to boost economic activities for increased job creation for the teeming youth population.

To address housing deficit, Governor Uba Sani’s Ground breaking of mass housing project for low-income earners and economic city for trade and investment was achieved through the multi-million-dollar Qatar-Sanabil Project which commenced the construction of the Kaduna Economic City, located at Millennium City, Kaduna designed to impact positively on the lives of over 500,000 beneficiaries.

Beyond 100 days, I see a government with the desired inputs to opening up new layouts across the LGAs of the State and encouragement of the private sector to provide the needed 5,000 housing units target annually that is required to bridge the housing deficit in the state through the Construction of medium- to low-cost housing estates that will facilitate the Rent-to-Own Scheme for citizens. Strengthen the public-private partnership model to increase the housing stock. Further empower the Mortgage and Foreclosure system in the state to assist residents with affordable home financing.

Educational infrastructure, in view of the number of out of- school children and the population growth of the State; as part of the 100 days of impact through proje200-bed capacity hostel block, 16 classrooms and sickbay GGSS Kawo, and most significantly the groundbreaking abd foundation laying for the construction of 62 junior and senior secondary schools across the state and groundbreaking of a project in GSS Nasarawan Rigachikun (AGILE), commissioning at Barewa college Zaria,the number of the existing schools and classroom blocks need to be doubled to adequately cater for the school age children. The schools need to be evenly spread across the political zones as well as wards in the State to ensure improved access to children of school age irrespective of their background.

Beyond 100 days, critical intervention for tertiary institution through Tetfund is on track most notably the faculty of engineering and KASU permanent site at rigachikun in general are expected to be accomplished in the years ahead. A government committed to boost Information & Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure leverage, where young people in the ICT sector can fully harnessed the digital economy of the state through the construction of incubation centres.

Power and renewable energy infrastructure, in the long term of kaduna state; Gov Uba Sani is set to focus on expanding Power Supply from Hydro, Thermal & Renewable Sources: Build the transmission and distribution infrastructure necessary to evacuate the power from the proposed 84MW plant and ensure last mile delivery to homes and businesses, conclude engagement with the Federal Government to transfer management or concessioning of the 214MW Kudenda power plant to KDSG, complete the 100MW solar plant being built as part of the renewable energy drive of the northern states and seek intensive private partners to build more solar power plants and mini-grids and make Kaduna State the centre of renewables.

The above outlined areas notwithstanding, the good people of Kaduna state are unanimous in their verdict that the present administration has been able to deliver some of its campaign promises in the last 100 days while hoping and believing that it shall continue to pave the way for a prosperous and inclusive future of all citizens for our beloved state.

In conclusion, beyond 100 days; the state shall be utilizing maximun opportunity to stimulate socio-political and economic growth through infrastructural development. The State Government’s efforts shall be materializing up to increased Private Sector Participation, Institutional Framework for Implementation and Delivery, M&E Framework, SMART Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Scale up the Primary level data Collection like PPP Financing, Implementation Progress & Results Delivery, Performance Measurement and Strategic Partnerships.

Bldr. Ishaq MSani. a university lecturer, construction manager and public affairs analyst writes from Kaduna and can be reach via ishaqsanie@gmail.com

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