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Blame bad governance on desperate politicians – Dr.  Khalid
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From Muhammad Tanko, in Jos

Bad governance and politicking have been the causes of incessant crises in Nigeria, Secretary-General of Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) Dr. Khalid Aliyu Abubakar, has said.

He further stated that as the 2019 election approaches, “politicians should graduate from the shallow bad-looking image to an image of having distinguished qualities.”

Dr. Khalid made this known while fielding questions from Politics Today in Jos.

He said it is unfortunate that communities that have coexisted peacefully, over centuries are now taking arms against each other and; “What has gone wrong is bad governance, what has gone wrong is bad politics, what has gone wrong is the do or die affair of political gladiators to hold onto offices which may be they held before and didn’t perform and they think that they must remain.”

Dr. Khalid said such politicians don’t care about whatever is the cost or price of their conduct on the society.

“…and I think this is really very bad, and politicians should do a kind of spiritual and moral cleansing in their own hearts to see themselves as part of the people,” he said, adding that “their personal aggrandizement should be put aside when the general interest comes into focus.”

According to him, the politicians should not look at politics as a kind of business for looting, taking and amassing.

He said politics is really for those who know better, stressing that it is why elsewhere in the world, only those people that have seen the world through its nooks and cranies, that seek  to offer leadership.

“But today in Nigeria, people who don’t know anything, people who can’t even canvass for votes, people who don’t know the worth and value of families, quite unfortunately forced themselves in, garbage in garbage out,” he asserted.

The JNI scribe, said as the 2019 elections draws closer , they should have a rethink.

“I call on politicians for retrospections, sober reflections, and to have a humane kind of attitude when they look at issues; when they go for campaigns, it should be humane, it should be a campaign of truth, sincerity, with human face; a campaign which will assure the electorate, not a false campaign, not an instigative campaign, not being troublesome, but a peaceful campaign, for which the electorate will feel yes, we are choosing the right person,” he admonished.

Dr. Khalid recalled that in the 1970s, there was a famous musician, Tony Wilson,  who said; “easy men, men of many words, what they told you they never do,”  so you can see even in America they tell you this easy men of many words they tell you what they will never do.

“So the politicians should graduate from the shallow bad-looking image to an image of having distinguished qualities to really confer and give the dividends of democracy,” he added.

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