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Edo: Northern group blasts factional party chair over ‘false alarm’

A political pressure group, Northern Youth Coalition for Credible Elections has demanded unconditional apology from the APC factional leader in Edo State, Rtd Col David Imuse and his ally, John Mayaki over spurious allegations against an INEC REC in the State Hon Mike Igini about plot to rig the forthcoming general elections.

The position of the Coalition was contained in a media statement signed by the convener of the Coalition, Comrade Inuwa Abdullahi and made available to newsmen on Tuesday.

The group extolled the virtues of Hon Igini as a credible electoral umpire with strong conviction and principles regarding his official duties, for which he broke record in 2915 for ensuring credible elections that saw the ruling party losing to opposition.

Full text of the Media Statement


We members of Northern Youth Coalition for Credible Election hereby call on the Elders and Leaders of APC in Edo state to urgently rein in on its factional chairman, Rtd. Col. David Imuse and John Mayaki to publicly withdraw the baseless accusations against the Resident Electoral Commissioner of Akwa-ibom State Hon. Mike Igini, and tender apology not only to the Honourable Commissioner alone but to all Nigerians who felt insulted by the kind of fabricated allegations against a man of our generation who has shown excellent record of consistency all through the period of his advocacy for credible election and good governance in the civil society before his appointment into INEC where he has performed exceptionally unlike many who have gone into government and abandoned what they stood previously. But Hon.Commissioner, Barr. Mike Igini has been exemplary and remained consistent, honest and very truthful in his engagement with the Nigerian people whenever you watch him on television or read his interview in the newspaper. Is this the kind of man that those two unknown characters until this infamous press conference based on lies want to bring down from the enviable height of integrity he has attained based on genuine committment to public good ? We saw and listened to Barr. Mike lGINI response on Channels television, we believed him and all Nigerians who listened believed him that he possibly could not have done what they were attributing to him. How could a man who was in his home with his family and slept in lagos, a statement of fact that Rtd Col. Imuse and John Mayaki or anyone has not contradicted or challenged since last week , be said to have had a meeting the same day and night at 3 a.m in Benin ? Does this make sense and do Rtd Col. Imuse and John Mayaki expect Nigerians to take regard them as people that deserved to be taken seriously ? Clearly, they have no sense of recent history of what Barr. Mike Igini did to give people confidence towards the 2015 election when he declared publicly in that same Edo state under PDP control federal government that there will be no federal might to determine the election in Edo state but only the votes of the people. Nigerians and particularly the people of Edo state and all opposition parties especially the APC in that state celebrated Barr. Mike Igini in 2015 and the APC won senatorial and federal seats and the only state in south south and south East where APC won because Honourable, Barr. Mike Igini was fair to all the political parties and he was the only REC who was called upon to speak during the collation of the presidential result at the lnternational conference Centre in Abuja by the then Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega. If the man is what they are deliberately and mischeviously try to portray him now when PDP was controlling everything, would APC had done well in that election and the only state out of eleven in both south south and south East in 2015 ? Nigerians across all age see Barr. Mike Igini as a good example of a public officer because he has lived up to the values he preached and held on to principles of transparency in his entire work in INEC and the younger generation want to emulate him. He is one of the few Electoral umpires that give us hope that maybe with many more people like him, the Nigerian Electoral System will be fixed and INEC will deliver better electoral outcome. an inspiration for Youths in Nigeria, particularly Northern Youths who have been following his activities in INEC particularly in trouble electoral states where Prof.Jega used to draft him to take-over whenever there was crisis of confidence anywhere in the country. Many of us were very happy that President Mohhamadu Buhari re-appointed him in recognition of his track record. Why associate a man generally acknowledged as one of integrity and proven character with these oughtright fabrication ? The reaction of people across the country in the last few days after the press conference where these make-up stories were pushed to the public is a clear testimony that Nigerians know those who are serving them with sincerity. The accusations of the Edo state politicians led by Imuse and Mayaki are a misguided endeavour out of the boundaries of decency against a distinguished man who has served creditably as Electoral Commissioner.


Comrade Inuwa Abdullahi


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