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Focus on PDP, APC killing multi-party democracy – NNPP founder

Dr Boniface Aniebonam, pioneer National Chairman and founder, New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), says excessive focus on the nation’s two dominant political parties – PDP and APC- has defeated the essence of multi-party system in Nigeria.
Aniebonam told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Sunday that the idea of having a multiple of political platforms was to provide options and broaden the political space.
“More political parties means more opportunities for credible people to test their popularity toward putting the country on track.
“It means you can have a platform always available for you to use. It means political ideas have a huge space to blossom without any hindrance,” he said.
He argued that people got into major political parties because of what they would  likely  get, while looking away from minor parties because they felt there is nothing to gain.
“The government has never added value nor has it supported the idea of multi-party system. This is not good for political growth and the urgent need to open the space for competitiveness.
“So, it takes a very courageous person with means to take responsibility outside the leading party or the strong opposition.
“When you x-ray what is happening in APC and PDP today, you begin to ask yourself why the influx of resourceful persons into just two political parties when there are 18 other parties into which they can spread out iand test their popularity.
“The essence of multi-party system has been defeated; it is no longer adding value. We know there are advocates of two-party system, but the constitution does not provide for that,” he said.
According to him, an effective multi-party system has so many merits to the nation and serves the masses better in terms of the dividends of democracy.
He recalled that Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah contested on the platform of the Young Progressive Party (YPP) in 2019 and won the Anambra South Senatorial seat.
“You cannot do that if you do not have that courage and the means. We respect such people who take advantage of the multi-party system,” he said.
Aniebonam recalled that INEC used to support political parties in the past, in its bid to strengthen democracy in the country.
“Unfortunately, owing to the greed of some party officials, that gesture was stopped.”
Speaking on NNPP, Aniebonam said that the party was a “divine intervention political platform” registered in 1999 and became operational in 2021 to create a new Nigeria that would work for all citizens.
According to him, NNPP has won elective positions in Bauchi State to keep the party afloat.
He said that politics should be about ensuring a better life for the citizenry and adding values to the society.
“NNPP will provide this country with the greatest leader ever seen because it is divine and that is why you see credible people coming into the party like Sen. Rabiu Kwakwanso, former Kano State governor and many other lawmakers.
“When I found this party, I had that divine revelation that this party will provide this country with the greatest leader, and that leader will be that Nigerian man that will restart Nigeria from the beginning.
“He is going to stand courageous to take decisions that will bring us together. It will come to pass and we look forward to that. I solicit for the support of everybody,” he added.
He decried challenges facing Nigeria ranging from disunity, insecurity and a weak economy, saying that God would not come from heaven to change the conditions.
“It is our leaders that will do that. We have to elect leaders that are passionate about creating a  new Nigeria.
“We know what the problem is. We cannot succeed if we do not, voluntarily and deliberately, sit down to talk. The Oduduwa man will talk, Biafra man will talk, Niger-Delta people will talk, the Middle-Belt people will talk, the Arewa people will talk and so on.
“It is after hearing everybody that we will live together because Nigeria is indivisible – we have all agreed on that. So, nobody is talking about division. We want to remain one Nigeria, but how do we live as one Nigeria?
“That’s why a leader must come, give us direction, we will have peace and all of us will be happy. It is not difficult,” he added.

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