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Group advocates  primary election debate in 2019
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The United Nigeria Group (TUNG), has called for the introduction of election debates at the level of primary elections so as to get the right candidates.

With particular reference to the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), the group said that primary election debate will further improve democracy in the country.

The TUNG which said it is interested in fostering peace, unity and community sensitisation on political issues, gave the advice in Abuja on Monday.

Speaking in an interview, the spokesman of the group, Dr Bright Emenena, said that with election debates at level of primary election, the PDP could take democracy to new height even as an opposition party.

“We want to use this opportunity to put pressure on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to make more impact even as an opposition party by taking democracy to the next level in Nigeria.

“They must ensure that the process of choosing a candidate at the primaries is fair; they should go further by ensuring the contestants engage in public debate at the level of the primaries.

“In this country, there have never been a time when a sitting president had made himself available for public debate but PDP can start something.

“They can take democracy to another level by introducing debate at the primaries level so that contestants can make public their vision to enable the delegates and general public make informed decision,” he said.

Emenena said TUNG believes in the unity of the nation and engages only in activities that fosters the peace and security of the country. (NAN)

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