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Group blasts Niger Delta Women Wailers over Akpabio’s Man of the Year Award
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The Senator Godswill Akpabio for Common Good(SGACG) has lambasted a group called Women Wailers of Niger Delta(WWND) which said the Man of the Year Award given to Minster Godswill Akpabio should be withdrawn.

A terse media statement signed by the SGACG National Coordinator, Dr. Jibril Tafida described the WWND as a “self-righteous, fringe group working for their thieving patrons who are disturbed by the reforms of Minister Akpabio that has bringing development projects to the Niger Delta since he became Minister”.

The SGAC took a swipe at the Women Wailers group, saying Daily Independent as a well respected publishing company must have done serious research to have found Akpabio quite suitable for the award.

Dr. Tafida, in the statement, pointed out that the Women Wailers demand that the Forensic Audit Report on NDDC to published, “exposes their ignorance about the essence of a report meant to trace funds to their thieving patrons and commence a recovery process. President Buhari himself has recently declared that going by the Forensic Audit Report, every NDDC penny diverted as contract mobilization would be recovered”.

The SGACG, then stated thus: “No amount of mischief by hired, faceless wailers will change the course of history as Akpabio reforms have started yielding wonderful results at the Niger Delta Affairs Ministry and the Ministrr is still being commended by many Nigerians of good conscience for having the courage to sanitize the NDDC, which was once a cesspool of corruption”.

The statement then noted: ” Akpabio is the only Nigerian governor who, at the mere mention of his name, the people would add Mr. uncommon transformation, for turning around the fortunes of a once backward Akwa Ibom State, with things like the best surgery hospital in Africa, the best stadium in Nigeria; free education for the children of the poor and massive infrastructure, rural electrification and building goodwill across both Southern and Northern Nigeria for empowering youths and women with start-up kits and support funds”.

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