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Group dares Atiku to use U.S. Visa, offers 1st class tickets
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[12/4, 7:45 PM] nasirdambatta: No Alternative To Buhari-Osinbajo 2019, a political campaign group, has dared the presidential candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to make use of his widely acclaimed United States Visa.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the group dared Atiku to prove to Nigerians and the World that he was not ‘a persona non grata’ to the World’s biggest democracy, the U.S.

It stated that just as the Party, the PDP widely celebrated the acclaimed Visa, Nigerians had expected that the PDP candidate would have already travelled.

The group therefore offered to pay first class return tickets on any flight for Atiku to prove the validity of his United States Visa.

“In making this offer, the NATBuhariOsinbajo is not unaware that Mr Atiku Abubakar, though, stupendously and inexplicably rich could be conserving his funds to, in his characteristics manner, attempt to buy as much votes as possible on election day.

“However, this offer to Mr Atiku Abubakar has become necessary to ensure that only persons who are not subject of corrupt enrichment and/or FBI investigations offers themselves for highest office in Nigeria.

“As Nigerians cannot afford to have the nation’s image ridiculed in International and global meetings and gatherings of Presidents were her leader could be picked up or issued arrest warrants.

“It remains inexplicable, that two days after the visa was said to have been issued to Mr Atiku Abubakar and advertised with pomp and pageantry, Mr Atiku deceived Nigerians that he was travelling to the United Kingdom, from where he would go to America, only for him to return home from the United Kingdom, when perhaps, he got wind of what awaited him in the United States of America.

“NATBuhariOsinbajo 2019 challenges Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to come clean and confess his sins that have made it difficult for him to step his foot on the American soil for some years or in the alternative pick up his first class return ticket from the NATBuhariOsinbajo office at 7, Association Avenue, Ilupeju, Lagos,” it said.

The group insisted that former President Olusegun Obasanjo has not denied his comments that the American government wrote to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission of Nigeria in June 2006, on its intention to investigate Atiku Abubakar on corruption related charges.

It therefore urged Atiku to prove himself one way or another rather than making a fuss about a non-existent visa to the U.S.


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