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Group lampoons Gololo for ‘mischief’ against APC, Yari
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A group, the North Central Democratic Assembly has lambasted APC Chieftain Dr .Garus Gololo for “mischievous media interviews designed with vicious attacks” against Senator AbdulAziz Abubakar Yari, former Zamfara State Governor.

Chairman of the group, Habibi Gombe , in a media statement he issued to newsmen in Kaduna on Tuesday said ” it was sheer mischief, that Dr. Gololo is bent on creating the false impression of a quarrel between Senate President Akpabio and Senator Yari, trying to cry wolf where there’s none.”

The group noted that Yari has been a force to reckon with in the political history of the nation and “a clever Akpabio has refused to fall for the bait of mischief-makers to start any quarrels with Senator Yari, who commands a lot of loyalty within and outside the Senate Chambers”.

Gombe, in the statement, added that the Senate President knows he has “a politician of unrivalled popularity and acceptability for cross-fertilisation of politically-strategic opinions that Yari is blessed with” and ” therefore would have no time for attention-seeking tantrums like that of Dr. Gololo.”

The group cautioned Dr. Gololo to “stop mischievous press I reviewed designed to court Yari’s trouble or cast aspersions on the National Chairman of the APC, in order to get cheap media attention”.

The statement then pointed out that “on a scale of 100, Senator Yari as a former Chairman of Governors Forum, House of Representatives member and a grassroots politician has 99% enormous political goodwill, unbeatable generosity,such that “he cannot be used as a launchpad for a cheap media campaign by Dr. Gololo for media attention”.

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