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How Kaduna APC tackled wayfarers, emerged stronger and more united — Elrufai
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With gratitude to the Almighty, I am delighted to be in your midst today. It is a landmark day, bearing testimony to the viability of the APC, its discipline and the commitment of its members. This party was founded to bring change in our country and its constituent parts. The APC’s mission is a massive undertaking, and it will not be derailed from this vision because those who believe in it stand vigilant and resolute.

Of course, not everybody who joined our party shared this noble objective. Some were just going with the wind, taking their old, objectionable habits, into a party built on new ethos. Some wayfarers, who see every political party only as a platform for elective or appointive office, or the perpetual worship of their egos, found their way into the party, and even got elected. Then they abused trust by traducing the party that elected them. While we were all working to strengthen the party, some of these people violated party spirit by seeking to factionalise our party and creating the impression in the media of an irreconcilably divided party.

Through the steadfast action of our members, the Kaduna APC easily defeated this plot of the selfish, disaffected politicians whose sense of personal entitlement is subversive of the public good. These individuals have now been told clearly by our members that the APC does not abide indiscipline, opportunism or the irresponsible placement of personal interest above the collective. Our loyal members have justifiably punished the acts of disloyalty perpetrated by those who chose to violate party spirit. Our party belongs to those willing and eager to work unstintingly for our people.

The inauguration of this State Executive Council is a moment of triumph for all loyal members of the APC in Kaduna State.

Our members can be proud that we have stood united in the Kaduna APC. In unity, we must continue to work hard to fulfil the hopes that our people have invested in our party. I wish to congratulate our members and supporters for the dominant performance of the APC in the local government elections. We went around the state to campaign for every vote, and we reiterated our commitment to a free and fair vote.

We cannot rest on our oars. The new executive has to further energise the party, reinforce its strength and presence at the grassroots. Big challenges lie ahead. We will soon begin primaries to select our candidates for the 2019 elections.

The first state executive of the APC, elected in 2014, delivered victory in 2015. The new executive must surpass the record of the first. I pay tribute to the pioneer executives of the party for their achievements. When the substantive chairman, secretary and other officers joined the government, those who stepped into their roles did admirably well. I salute Alhaji Shuaibu Idris for the wisdom and tenacity he displayed as acting state chairman. Yahaya Baba Pate, acting secretary, and Salisu Wusono, acting publicity secretary, acquitted themselves well, showing commendable loyalty and fidelity to the ideals of our party.

All the outgoing executive can say they are passing on a party in good health. I trust that our new chairman, Air Commodore Emmanuel Jekada and his team will nurture our party well, make it stronger and widen its appeal and support base. As a party of the future, our doors remain open to those who see politics as a way of positively influencing society and promoting equality of opportunity.

Next week, we shall be converging in Abuja to conclude the process of selecting new leadership for our party. Let us carry our spirit of unity to the national convention.

The party and the state government have worked in close collaboration to deliver the manifesto of the APC. Let this spirit continue. Let us continue to make life better for our people. It is the solemn duty that we owe our people.

 Malam Nasir El-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State, made this submission at the inauguration of the Kaduna State Executive Council of the APC today, Thursday, 14th June 2018

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