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Hunger, anger, and the compelling ten points
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By Abdul-Azeez Suleiman
Finally the venting of pent-up anger by hungry Nigerians have brought together President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the governors of the 36 states of Nigeria in a critical meeting. The desperation and frustration of the Nigerian people, driven by hunger, have forced the leaders to take immediate action. This gathering signifies a ray of hope in these challenging times, as it demonstrates a realization that urgent steps need to be taken before matters get out of hand.

Harsh and unrealistic government policies such as the removal of petrol subsidy have led to over a 200 per cent rise in the price of commodities without any corresponding increase in wages across the country. This has resulted in a cost of living crisis that has made it difficult for many Nigerians to afford daily meals. The situation has been exacerbated by the worsening security situation, with almost daily cases of killings and kidnappings across the country.
The meeting between President Tinubu and the governors at the President Villa on Thursday was a crucial step in addressing these pressing issues. The leaders acknowledged the challenges faced by Nigerians and made key decisions to address the rising cost of food and the prevailing insecurity in the country. One of the resolutions was to reject the proposal for massive importation of food and instead focus on increasing local food production to achieve self-sufficiency.
The commitment to recruit more police personnel, establish state police, and strengthen forest rangers to safeguard the forests from criminals is a significant move towards addressing the security challenges that directly impact food production and availability. Additionally, the call to clear salary arrears, gratuities, and pensions, as well as focus on livestock development to increase food production and create job opportunities, is a welcome development.
Transparency and accountability are crucial aspects that must be addressed to ensure the effective use of resources and funds allocated for security and food production. The implementation of state police and empowering forest rangers is essential to restore peace and order in the country.
It is imperative for all Nigerians to contribute to solving the problem of rising food costs by returning to farming and growing their own food. The active participation of all individuals, including the elite, is necessary to ensure a better future for all Nigerians. The decisions made at the meeting hold immense potential, but their swift and thorough implementation is crucial to prevent further suffering and desperation.
Unity, perseverance, and effective execution of the ten points are essential to overcoming hunger, anger, and the challenges that hinder progress in Nigeria. It is the collective responsibility of the Nigerian people, leaders, and citizens alike, to work towards a better future for all. Only through concerted efforts can we overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of a prosperous and secure nation.

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