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Kaduna Budget: The First and Foremost
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By Shuaibu Gimi

The recent signing, by Governor Uba Sani, of the Kaduna State 2024 “Budget of Rural Transformation for Inclusive Governance” has evidently marked the beginning of the real implementation of the SUSTAIN (Safety and Security, Upgrade of Infrastructure, Strengthening Institutions, Trade and Investment, Agriculture, Investment in Human Capital, Nurturing Citizens Engagement) AGENDA of the State Government. The provisions and structure of the budget are obviously the basis of the fast-growing hope for a much better future for Kaduna State.
In his remarks during the signing ceremony, the governor assured that the budget will serve as an effective instrument for the closure, in several ways, of the existing wide gap between the urban and the rural areas. He mentioned that the budget is meant to “revitalize rural economies, promote social inclusion, address the gaps in infrastructure and human capital, boost agriculture and food security and make Kaduna State safe and secure. “
The total expenditure of N458, 271,299,477.66k as provided in the budget of which N318, 836,576,588.28k or 69.57 percent is for capital projects and N139, 434,722,889.38k constituting 30.43 percent as recurrent expenses is a comprehensive package that contains specific provisions for various sectors. The allocation of, for example, the sum of N115,421,129,011.16k (25.19 percent and the highest) to the Education Sector, N71,647,821,975.33k (15.63%) to the Health Sector and N93, 597,652,206.40k (20.42%) for the development of the Economic Sector which comprises agriculture, public works, infrastructure and housing is a boldest testimony to the determination of Governor Uba Sani to the attainment of genuine development in Kaduna State.
Every bit of the budget is an absolute confirmation of the governor’s resolve to translate his campaign promises into concrete realities, which means that all the estimates contained in the document are true provisions for the execution of projects and programmes of the government for the purpose of satisfying people’s basic needs. The process of preparation of the budget which was fully characterized by the effective engagement of all stakeholders was quite thorough and therefore the reason for the continuous expression of confidence in the government by the people of the state.
Although 2024 Budget is Governor Uba Sani’s first, it has already proven to be a foremost one as it is most likely to continue to clearly define his approach to basic issues of governance in the years ahead. It is definitely both a material to which a reference will be duly made whenever some more development plans will be designed and a foundation upon which all future activities of the State Government will be executed.
The sharp focus on the rural communities which are populated by the under-privileged people has made the strategy to look like the China’s Great Leap Forward Policy, Russia’s Collectivisation Programme and such other measures that were, at various times in the past, appropriately introduced by various countries in their respective efforts towards the realization of inclusiveness, national integration and development. Everything about the rural transformation is a practical expression of the governor’s concern for those he consistently describes as “vulnerable, poor and underserved people” for the benefit of whom he initially unveiled some welfare and empowerment packages.
Quite noticeably, all the well-meaning people of Kaduna State have continued to show huge appreciation for the sincerity of purpose of the State Government as evident in their utmost readiness for a full participation in the governance process. The genuineness, wide scope and applicability of Governor Uba Sani’s ideas are the reason for which optimism over the possibility of attainment of maximum success has thickened.


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