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Kaduna curfew: Media specialist canvasses for a review
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Kaduna State Government has been urged to review the 24hour curfew imposed in parts of the state to allow residents go out to earn a living in order to feed themselves and their families to avert economic explosion, a Communication and Media Specialist, Ahmed Maiyaki says.

In a statement issued to journalists in Kaduna, Ahmed Maiyaki observed that most residents of the state depend on what they hustle daily to feed their families due to poverty, wide economic disparity and inequality and lack of jobs.

D’People feed themselves and their families from the artisan or other menial jobs they engaged in every day. People can not stock food because they do not have the means to do so. There is huge poverty among our people which is a major threat to peace’ said Maiyaki.

While commending the state government and the entire security agencies in the state for their swift response to the crisis, he warns that curfew has proved over time to be restrictive and when overstretched, it becomes a threat to peace and security.

Ahmed Maiyaki, who was also the former Director General, Media & Publicity to the last administration in the state, then advised government to consider a further review of the curfew by 12 hours so that residents can go to their places of work to earn a living; ‘there are already reports of many people starving in their homes due to the curfew, and this is huge threat to peace and security’,

‘And the only alternative to this, is for the government for provide some palliatives to the people of the state to avert economic explosion’ Maiyaki warned.

The statement further urge on people of the state to eschew violence and bigotry to ensure sustainable development in the state.

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