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Kaduna Electric: The shame of their offices

Yakubu Ahmed-BK

They are good at wanton and dubious estimated billings and until lately when they began to get serious about staff training, they have the most cantancarous and very notorious set of mannerless staff, yet their offices are about the most shambolic I have ever come across.

They sit on billions of money collected fairly and unfairly and when you visit their offices, to either pay bills or lay complains, the nature of the furniture and even staff morale leaves you feeling like throwing off for lack of any semblance an office worth the name.

I was at their office along Sani Abacha bypass in Birnin Kebbi this afternoon and as usual, the Marketing Unit (which should have been well furnished to welcome stream of people entering it on daily basis) was in its usual ugly shape with broken tables and chairs dotting it. Very classless and unbecoming of a serious corporate body.

Enough of this tight-fistedness, for crying out loud.

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