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Kaduna, Germany  to deepen economic partnership
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By Peter Ibrahim

Kaduna State and the German Government are set to deepen their economic partnership as they work together to foster sustainable growth and development in the state.

Under the leadership of Governor Uba Sani, the administration is actively seeking support and partnerships to drive the state’s progress.

In December 2023, Governor Uba Sani visited the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) to explore potential collaborations. The visit was successful, with GIZ expressing their readiness to support the state in achieving its development goals.

Recently, on January 16th, representatives from GIZ, led by Country Director Dr. Markus Wagner, visited Kaduna State Government for a two-day visit. The purpose of the visit was to discuss and solidify economic partnerships between the two parties.

The GIZ team was warmly welcomed by Governor Uba Sani and other senior government officials, and a business dinner was later held to further strengthen the relationship.

During the discussions, which continued the following day, the Deputy Governor Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe led senior government officials in talks on specific areas where the state requires support from the German government. These areas include energy, digital transformation, investment promotion, and agriculture.

Dr. Wagner expressed his gratitude for the warm hospitality and reaffirmed GIZ’s commitment to supporting Kaduna State in achieving sustainable development and creating job opportunities.

The Deputy Governor, on behalf of the state government, thanked GIZ for their partnership and assured them of the state’s dedication to making the most out of the collaboration.

She also expressed her confidence that the discussions will result in impactful initiatives that will benefit the people of Kaduna State.

Furthermore, the Deputy Governor highlighted the progress made in the discussions, particularly in areas such as digital transformation, investment promotion, energy, and agriculture.

She believes that GIZ’s support in these sectors will have a positive impact on the state’s development and the lives of its people.

Overall, the visit by the GIZ team has strengthened the partnership between Germany and Kaduna State, and both parties are optimistic about the potential outcomes of their discussions. This collaboration has the potential to drive economic growth and improve the lives of the people of Kaduna State.

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