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Kaduna gov’ship: PDP and Isa Ashiru’s looming defeat

By Fatee Taurean

Nigerians have never failed to amuse themselves and any person possessing a normal portion of reason and dispassionate insight into how and why things happen on the scale of political possibilities and impossibilities in political affairs.

They allow all sorts of bewildering sentiments to transmute them to the realms of impossibilities where they make very funny analyses and political calculations. That is why they see clout and capacity to win elections in personalities who clearly do not possess such clout and capacity.

At the end, their hopes are often pathetically dashed, rendering them laughing stocks to everyone genuinely concerned with the country’s political affairs.

This is the case in Kaduna State where, in spite of the very glaring facts on the ground across the three Senatorial zones, people still exist in hundreds of thousands, who see capacity and clout to win the approaching March 11 governorship election in the PDP’s Isa Ashiru Kudan, and the LP’s Jonathan Asake.

To all Nigerians sufficiently conversant with the political terrain of Kaduna State, as determined by the emerging trends of the current Fourth Republic, this is a case of inordinate sentiments blinding people to the glaring facts as well as the approaching possibility of Senator Uba Sani taking a smooth ride to Sir Kashim House.

As we approach the governorship election, political trends roll out these facts and possibilities, glaringly skewing to the favour of Distinguished Senator Uba Sani.

It is pertinent to, first, admit that there will be low turnout of voters for the governorship election as a result of the irregularities that happened during the presidential election. Many people are demoralized and loss confidence in INEC so they won’t vote.

It is strikingly amusing to see people building monumental hopes on the Labour Party following its abracadabra outing in the presidential and national assembly elections, believing that the party can replicate the abracadabra in the governorship and state assembly elections.

They are blinded to the fact, which is the TRUTH, that LP lacks strong presence in Northern part of Kaduna State, let alone any politically-influential personality to reckon with. The party’s deputy governorship candidate, Alhaji Aliyu Bashir, is not a popular candidate in Kaduna State. In fact, his name does not ring a bell in the state’s political landscape.

The February 25 presidential election pathetically portrayed the Vice Presidential candidate of the party, Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed, as grossly deficient of any political clout and capacity in the Northern Kaduna senatorial zone, his home zone. He could not even win his polling unit, let alone possessing the clout to win his local government and the entire zone for Labour Party.

Therefore, any laughable combination of Bashir and Datti cannot deliver Asake in that zone, which has the highest number of votes.

The political personality called Jonathan Asake is not a formidable candidate in Southern Kaduna. Many people already nurse severe grievances against him. Consequently, they will certainly work against him.

The population of Southern Kaduna is inconsequential compared to that a local government area in Northern Kaduna. The population of Soba Local Government Area is more than that of Jaba, Kaura, Sanga and Kajuru combined.

Infact if Soba, Giwa, Zaria, Igabi and Kaduna North should give APC bloc votes then PDP and LP should forget about going near the vicinity of winning the governorship election.

Truth is always bitter but the wise always listens. The more you need the truth, the wiser and safer you get with regard to the conduct of every affairs. If PDP and LP proceed with their divided votes and alack of strategy as we can see right now, upto March 11th, then Uba Sani the APC candidate will definitely emerge as the next governor of Kaduna State. And no political horse trading seems arrangeable by both parties towards the governorship election, at the nick of time, considering their political propensities and individual sentiments, which are clandestinely at conflict with each other’s, PDP and LP can never forge a clandestine common front against APC.

Therefore, to talk of Obidient lieutenants supporting PDP’s Isa Ashiru for the governorship election against Uba Sani is the highest amusement since the commencement of 2023 politicking in Kaduna State.

Anyway, the Kaduna electorate need this amusement to ease their tension and provide them some relaxation before March 11, when they will rain their votes on Uba Sani, to the anguish of Kudan and Asake.

The earlier PDP and LP, and their governorship flag bearers, Isa Ashiru Kudan and Jonathan Asake, embrace the reality on the basis of the screaming facts in the favour of Uba Sani, the better for them and the political affairs of our dear Kaduna State.

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