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Kasuwan Magani tensions: Mr. LA appeals to frayed  nerves


By Abdul-Azeez Suleman
Frontrunner in the race for the Kaduna Central Senatorial seat, Lawal Adamu Usman (Mr LA) has expressed worries over reports of a brewing tension at Kasuwan Magani of Kajuru Local Government Area which falls within his constituency.

A statement issued by the candidate’s special consultant on media, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, said Mr LA feels the pains of ever member of the community that might have been effected in any way as a result of the tension which led to the imposition of a curfew by the Kaduna state government.

“Though details of the conflict were as yet, scanty, it is nevertheless saddening that communities that should ordinarily coexist in harmony are today set against one another at the slightest of pretense.
“It is as well disheartening that the age old brotherhood and trust that characterized communities in the state, including Kajuru, have today been turned into ugly avenues for the venting of needless tribal or religious jealousies.

“We feel gravely touched whenever mistrust takes the place of harmonious communal relationships among our societies, in some or most cases, violently,” the statement read in part.
The senatorial candidate implored the tensed communities to aways explore peaceful, lawful and civilized ways of revolving issues and warned that conflicts, especially violent ones, are serious impediments to the growth and development of any society.

Mr LA reminded authorities, both political and traditional to be proactive aways in conflict perception and management lest they are seen as mere organs that always react after the damage might have been done.
“Most conflicts are avoidable if only authorities approach their roles as guardians of citizens’ lives and properties with the seriousness the deserve,” Mr LA said in the statement.

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