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May 29th: Kaduna Group raises alarm over plot to forment crises ahead of handover

A group under the aegis of Kaduna Progressives League ( KPL) has raised alarm over plan by what it described as “frustrated politicians” to forment crisis, using shadowy groups for street protests with a huge media budget srt aside to co-opt journalists in the state”.

The group, in a media statement it issued on Thursday in Kaduna said, it was deeply disturbed by “credible intelligence about a grand plan to destabilise Kaduna ahead of the May 29th, 2023 handing over, following the successful conduct of governorship elections in which the APC swept the polls with a mergin of over 10,000 votes”.

The statement noted that the original plan was to sponsor an “all-women protest against the victory of the APC in the just-concluded governorship election in order to provoke counter-protests by APC so that it would ultimately lead to violence and truncate smooth swearing-in of a new governmemt”.

The statement further revealed that a group of persons under various umbrella organisations “have been lined-up, to hold protests in quick successions, beginning from today Thursday, the 23rd of March 2023”.

The statement also revealed that the destabilisation agenda was being run with “a big budget and the planners are already reaching out to some journalists in Kaduna with a view to hoodwink them into the new anti-APC project, all ahead of the swearing-in of the new APC elected representatives from governorship downwards”.

The group called on security agents to “continue with the successful intelligence gathering and fish out both the politicians and their media handlers in this massive destabilisation plot”.

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