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Moneybag politics bane of Nigerian democracy – Gulak


From Hadiza Mohammed, in Kaduna

Kaduna-based politician Hon Umar Iya Gulak has called on Nigerian progressives and other democracy stakeholders to join hands in changing the nation’s bad political culture of using money to get votes.

Gulak, who was speaking exclusively to Politics Today in Kaduna said it was “quite disturbing to see youth with leadership potentials being shoved aside because they don’t have millions to throw around”.

He explained that for decades in the nation’s political history, the youth have lost “series of golden opportunities to lead the people because money became a determinant for victory”, adding that this should not be so.

He noted that any political or democratic system that creates opprtunities for moneybags only, could breed underperformance by all elected representatives and slow down socio-economic growth and national stability.

He urged all stakeholders and democratic institutions to ensure “a sharp reduction in the influence of money on the voting process because it is dangerous cancer that has robbed this nation of truly accountable leadership”.

Gulak went on to say that unless the current political culture of “attaching too much priority to money is reduced, the youth’s chance of accessing power will continue to be evasive and we would keep on losing otherwise patriotic and capable hands on the Nigerian democratic space”.

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