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My re-election is almost a done deal, says el-Rufai
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[11/27, 11:21 PM] nasirdambatta: Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state, says his re-election in 2019 is almost a done deal, though getting re-elected is not important to him.

The governor, who spoke as a special guest at the 2018 National Council on Finance and Economic Development (NACOFED) conference which held in Kaduna, maintained that “in spite of all the risks we have taken and all the people we are supposed to have upset, the election on March 2, 2019, as far as Kaduna state is concern, is almost a done deal.”

“Being re-elected is not important. What is important is doing the right thing and posterity will judge us,” he said.

“From all indications, from everything I have seen, because we call regularly, we are very scientific, we don’t guess in the dark.”

The governor said his administration had embarked on far-reaching reforms in the education, economic and health sectors with outstanding results in past three and half years.

He said the utmost priority of his administration is to put the state on the right track and sound footing, pointing out that his achievements and reforms in all sectors will naturally take care of his re-election to consolidate.

He said his administration had created a lot of jobs and empowered the women folks with soft loan.

El-Rufai said plans were also underway to recruit at least 3000 health workers to further boost the health sector in the state.

Speaking on the ease of doing business in the state, el-Rufai said before he took over the mantle of leadership, Kaduna occupied the 20th position but as of 2018, Kaduna occupies the first position in the ease of doing business”.
He further disclosed that his administration has so far hired 75 lawyers to boost the state judiciary sector.

My re-election is almost a done deal, says el-Rufai

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