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By Maiwada Dammallam

If it make sense to you that it was a mere coincidence for the PDP senators to be at the gate of the NASS as early as 6:00am complete with “activists” chanting war songs and Channels TV crew to record the drama while their APC counterparts were at home sleeping and snoring, it will hardly make sense to you that the drama was scripted and acted to embarrass President Buhari from the highest imaginable quarters.

The plot not to impeach Saraki. It couldn’t be. It was concocted to rubbish the administration, embarrass President Buhari and tar him with the brush of a despot to harvest the gains in 2019. Even a kindergarten class would know that you can’t impeach a Senate President by mere locking of the gates of the NASS or even sillier, by the absence of the group trying to wrestle power from the Senate President. At least, there’s a consensus no member of senator of the APC was sighted at the gate. Unless if APC planned to impeach Saraki by online voting, the inconsistencies of the plot are enough to tell part of the story while the arrest and detention of the DG after his sacking would tell the other part.

In simple language, somebody must have told the selected PDP senators to be at the NASS gate where they must have equally being told to expect the DSS officers blocking the gates and making provocative phone calls requesting for more guns. Leading senators like “Yellow man” must have been coached the nonsensical noises to be made to enrich the drama – the “I’ve called the US embassy” shakara to the pseudo-activists that, by the way, couldn’t have been there that early to “fight for democracy” unless hired to do so. Let’s not talk about Hon. Boma Goodhead from Rivers states, who was all over the place shouting her head off for no reason other than to have the people directing the movie assess her acting skills for future consideration.

Incidentally, the question Goodhead kept asking, wanting to know if this is the change Nigerians voted for, was answered swiftly by the sacking of the DG, DSS, Lawal Daura. Rather than embarrass the President, the siege, contrary to the motives of its script writers, offered him an excellent opportunity to prove his quality as a democrat. A similar albeit, more scandalous siege of the NASS happened under the last PDP administration and the sad event didn’t capture the interest of the administration more than a motorbike accident on my village road could much less, respond in a manner that could indicate respect for democracy.

What could be sweeter than to hear the Acting President describing the as unauthorised takeover of the National Assembly complex as a gross violation of constitutional order, rule of law and all acceptable notions of law and order. Even sweeter was his confirmation that the unlawful act was done without the knowledge of the Presidency and it is condemnable and completely unacceptable. President Buhari responded promptly and properly. He did not allow Nigeria to descend into chaos by ignoring the overzealous or diabolical actions of some people to undermine the integrity of the NASS and our democracy.

Very few people could dare make it an issue if he had opted to act according to the entrenched PDP traditions. Most of the senators at the gate of the NASS pontificating about the sanctity of democracy this morning were part of the group that forged the rules which ushered in the Saraki leadership and set the stage for today’s desecration of democracy. They gathered at the NASS to protect an illegitimate child using constitutionality (same constitutionality they subverted to conceive the illegitimate child) as a weapon – if you can beat that!

Now that big heads have started rolling, it should put to rest the question of President Buhari’s capacity to deal with situations appropriately. People should accept that only those who don’t deserve the hammer would escape the hammer.

By the way it’s very unlikely the VP pulled this alone without the nod of the President.

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