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Nigeria needs total political and economic overhaul
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Balarabe Musa

…says ‘qualitative’ change inevitable

Former civilian governor of Kaduna State Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa has said that ‘qualitative’ change would be inevitable in 2019 because the country requires total overhaul.

Speaking exclusively to Politics Today, Balarabe who is also the National Chairman of Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) argued that “the system that produced the current leadership at all levels was flawed”. He advocated for a total overhaul of the institutions that produce political leadership, to give room for better qualified leadership and accountable governance.

Musa, who is also a Chartered Accountant, noted that the nation’s economy has been suffering from man-made backward slide in growth due to the weakness of the institutions that produce elected representatives at all levels. This, he went on to say, accounts for the dismal performance in governance at all levels, with dire consequences on the national economy.

“The only way forward for this country “, he submits, is a replacement of the present change with “a qualitative one”.

He also argued that campaign for young people to take over from the old brigade would only make sense “when the youth themselves are fully prepared for challenge, because right now they are not”.

He also hinged the final victory for the war on corruption would become ever more glaring after “the total overhaul of the relevant institutions” capable of giving room for “qualitative change”.

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