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Purported Akpabio Recall: Listening to Dr. Tafida
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By Nasir Abdu

The recent purported attempt by selected Akwa Ibom State APC members to recall Senate President Godswill Akpbio, has sparked a political firestorm. But amidst the chaos, a voice of reason has emerged, and that is Dr. Jibril Tafida, Special Advisor to the President of the Senate on Diaspora and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Dr. Tafida has boldly condemned the recall attempt, labeling it a “desperate attempt” by disgruntled APC members to destabilize the party and undermine the democratic process. And he’s right!

The accusations against Akpabio are nothing but a thinly veiled political vendetta, driven by personal grievances and partisan interests. The so-called “evidence” against him is flimsy at best, and the timing of this recall attempt reeks of political opportunism and media attention-seeking ploy.

Dr. Tafida has called out this charade for what it is – a “politically motivated” attack aimed at silencing a powerful voice in the Senate. And he’s not mincing words. “The intentions behind these claims are clear: to achieve personal or partisan goals rather than promoting the greater good of the party,” he said.

But Dr. Tafida’s warning is clear: any attempt to recall Akpabio will be met with fierce resistance. And rightly so! The APC must not allow internal conflicts and petty squabbles to distract from the real issues that matter to Nigerians.

So, let’s listen to Dr. Tafida’s wise words and reject this purported recall attempt for what it is – a political farce. Let’s unite behind Senator Akpabio and focus on building a stronger, more united APC. The future of our party and our nation depends on it!

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