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  • To hold solidarity rally for Gov Shettima

The Northern Emancipation Network has urged the people of Borno state to resist the moves by what it called, “discredited politicians” to decide for them a successor to the outgoing Governor, Kashim Shettima.

Addressing pressmen after meeting with Borno state executives of the Group, the National Coordinator, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, said they were worried by the growing concerns over attempts by an ex-governor of the state to force his lackey on the people.

Suleiman who was in Maiduguri as part of a tour of the North-East, said the Network is essentially interested in the unity of the northern region with great concern for good governance in all the states of the North.

He said that the Group has noted with dismay that in a few states of the North, a handful of self-appointed king makers who are far detached from their states are bent on foisting unpopular leadership in their states.

“We have noted that these cabals that have become known as Abuja politicians thrive on lies and make-believe to deceive people of their states into trusting their futures in them.

“In particular, the spectacle of the former Borno state governor, Ali Modu Sheriff being accepted back in the All Progressives Congress and a cabal of politicians domiciled in the federal capital supporting his clandestine moves back home, highlights the fact that we are a low point for truth in Nigerian politics.

“Lying to deceive the public is proving a very successful strategy for political causes of such individuals and their stooges with no concern for the development and progress of the people they claim to represent.

“We call on the people of Borno state to resist any such attempt to hijack the leadership of the state from the people by a handful of political merchants who don’t even bother to identify with the state beyond servicing their personal quest for political ascendancy,” Suleiman said.

He disclosed plans by the group to hold a massive solidarity rally in support the efforts of the incumbent governor Kashim Shettima for the general unification of the region in his capacity as chairman of the Northern Governors Forum.

“We have also directed executives and members of the Northern Emancipation Network to cooperate with Governor Shettima in order to reciprocate his selfless services to the state and to the northern region generally,” Suleiman said.

In his remarks, the state coordinator of the Group, Comrade Usman A. Salihu described as unacceptable for a gang of politicians whose interest is far removed from the state to attempt to take undue advantage of the entire population.

He said as an indegine of the state with deep concern for its overall progress, he is worried about the general concern that some distant political operators are dragging Governor Shettima into an unnecessary battle over who becomes the next governor after him.

” This is most unfair. It’s a long held tradition in Borno politics for the incumbent to suggest, decide and present to the public whoever he sees as competent to succeed him in the overall interest of the people.

“Why then, if I may ask, should Shettima’s case be different? He has every right, like his predecessors to suggest a credible successor. It is therefore unfortunate that some people feel it’s their birthright to manipulate and monopolize the politics of the state for their ungodly self-serving motives.

“We will mobilize to resist such retrogressive machinations by people who don’t have the state at heart. We the Bornians have long forgotten all about them and their kind of politics. They have never shared our pains, they deserted us when we needed them during our trials and tribulations. We don’t need their interference at this point Our governor is working and he deserves our support,” he said.

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