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Restructuring Nigeria will unlock potential of states – Don

[5/16, 1:18 PM] nasirdambatta: A guest lecturer, Dr Obiora Okonkwo, says restructuring Nigeria will make struggling for positions at the centre less attractive and bring out full potential of states.

Okonkwo made the submission  in Nsukka, Enugu State, when he delivered the 2018 Public Lecture of Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN).

The lecture is titled: ” The Value of Diversity: Restructuring To Save Nigeria.”

Okonkwo stressed that restructuring Nigeria would make states more productive as against the present situation were majority of states depend on Federal Government’s monthly allocations to run their states.

“When the country is restructured, it will make positions at the centre less attractive, and bring out states’ potential.

“The present situation where states depend on Federal Government to pay salary and carry out development projects will not be sustainable when revenue from oil stops.

“Restructuring will make states more viable and strengthen the unity in diversity of the country, “ he said.

Okonkwo said that there was no need to oppose restructuring, as Nigeria had witnessed many restructuring since 1914.

“Nigeria witnessed the first restructuring in 1914, through the amalgamation of  Northern and Southern Nigeria by Lord Lugard

“The only thing is that the restructuring of 1914, 1922, 1946, and other constitutional restructuring by the colonial masters, Nigerians did not make contributions.

“Nigerians should erase every fear of unknown to restructure the county, as it is not dividing the country, but making the country more viable and more united,” he said.

Okonkwo who is the Chairman of Dome Entertainment Centre, Abuja, said that the Nigerian federation should be unbundled to enable the Federal Government to concentrate on defence, immigration, foreign policies, among others.

“With restructuring, states will have more autonomy and responsibilities which will enable them to pursue and fast-track development.

“Our federation need to be unbundled so that the Federal Government will focus on defence, legal tender, immigration and few others.

“United States became a stronger nation after it was restructured, the same will happen to Nigeria, as restructuring brings the best out of any country, ” he said..

Okonkwo, who holds a doctorate degree in political science, expressed appreciation to the Faculty of Social Sciences for finding him worthy to deliver the lecture.

In a remark, the Vice-Chancellor of UNN, Prof. Benjamin Ozumba, commended the Faculty of Social Sciences for sustaining the public lecture.

Represented by Prof. Charles Igwe,Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration,

Ozumba said that the topic was apt and would help many people to know more about restructuring.

Earlier, Prof. Hilary Achunike, the Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, described Okonkwo as a man that had made his mark in business.

He said that Okonkwo is also an academic, having been trained as a political scientist up to doctorate level at the Russia Academy of Science, Institute of World Economy and International Relations Moscow.

“A parcel primed for opening, does not deserve to be pinched, I have no doubt that our guest lecturer,  doctorate degree holder in political science will do justice to the topic, ” he said.



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