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Saraki lampoons APC, says will not be distracted

In a swift reaction to the criticism by the spokesman of the ruling APC, Senate President Bukola Saraki has fired back, saying he would not be distracted.

In a terse statement issued in Abuja on today, Saraki described the APC spox  as an upstart and a robot acting out the scripts of his paymasters, spinning false claims against the Senate through media statements made up in Lagos for him to append his signatures to.

The statement noted: “The Senate President will not be distracted by the antics of an upstart who lives in Abuja but waits to sign press statements composed for him from Lagos. When his masters show their face, we will debate all the issues they have raised and the ones they may wish to even concoct.

“Dr. Saraki does not have any credibility issues except the ones concocted by these putative demagogues to whom the Senate President has become a nightmare.”

The Senate President then carpets the ruling party: “One should ask, what is APC’s business with an aspirant of another party? The truth is APC is scared stiff of the possibility of a Saraki candidacy. Fortunately, they have no role in deciding that.”

The statement, which was signed by Saraki’s Special Adviser on media and publicity – Yusuph Olaniyonu – and made available to newsmen, taunted the APC Spox thus: “Meanwhile, Mr. Yekinni Nabena should know by now that many people in the media belief he is a robot and has no face. Here is an opportunity for him to come out of his hiding and come on a national television to debate all the issues he has raised with one of the aides of the Senate President. We hope he will take up this challenge and stop behaving like a masquerade.

“He is free to choose any independent TV station of his choice.”


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