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Senate Presidency: Arewa group endorses Sen Sani Musa
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A group under the auspices of Arewa Initiative for Good Governance has endorsed the candidature of Niger State lawmaker as the next President of the Senate.

Their stand was contained in the text of a press conference they held in Kaduna, signed by the Convener, Comrade Salisu Tanko

The group said the nation has come out of a highly divisive and tense election that requires a special healing by the highest legislative arm of government – the Senate. They explained that the Senate leadership should be trusted with initiating and implementing the healing process of the wound inflicted on Nigeria by the just-concluded general elections.

It described the Senate as the arm of government at a vantage position to ” reach out to all and embrace people irrespective of prejudicial inclinations.”

The group said the search for the best lawmaker for the job should end with Senator Mohammed Sani Musa, popularly known as 313 of the Niger East Senatorial Zone.

They described the lawmaker as a proactive senator who has made a great impact on the lives of the people economically and politically through strategic legislative activism. They also described him a unifying force on the nation’s democratic space.

“He aptly undestood that humanity is the basis of leadership that deep-seated notions defined his trajectory and brought out his nationalism and great human capacity building,” the group noted.

They described as unbeatable his bills numbering 40, adding that he proved his mettle as a proactive legislator in Nigeria.

Full text of the press conference

Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the press permit me to welcome you to this press conference. As we all are aware, the race for the seat of the Senate President of 10th Senate is on. Alliances are made, deals are currently being sealed, and sides are taken by various interest groups. It is equally true that Nigeria has just come out of historically divisive election which has polarized the country along critical divides. However, with fervent prayers, undiluted faith and the uncommon and mythical phenomenon that Nigeria is known for, we came out of it unscathed. However some wounds still need healing.
Consequent upon that, the road leading to the healing process and rebuilding the mutual trust among various aggrieved divides majorly depend on the National Assembly and its leadership; leadership with the in-depth wisdom of humanity overwhelmed by crisis, leadership with exceptional fortitude and to reach out to all and embrace people irrespective of prejudicial inclinations.
Remarkably, nature abhors a vacuum and the seat for the Senate President must be filled. In that attempt to settle for the next president, various groups have taken to varied outlets and platform to canvass for their preferred candidates.
Accordingly, the Arewa Initiative for Good Governance is not left behind, as it has sieved through the human chaff to settle for an acceptable, presentable and robust reputable progressive leaders that carved a niche for themselves in areas of human development; that search is no other but Senator Mohammad Sani Musa popularly known as Senator Sani 313 of Niger East Senatorial Zone. Well, to those who know him, know him, to those who do not know him, words and time may not be enough to encapsulate the political, educational and socio – development pedigree of this accomplished senator. However, it is expedient to highlight why this noble group dropped its anchor on him.
Senator Sani, has a passion for human capacity development before he becomes senator, when in the political opportunity presented itself for him to serve in the senate, he brought these noble qualities to bear in the senate. Apart from the human and socioeconomic development he initiated in his immediate constituency, he also does not forget his responsibilities and patriotic calling to the Nigerian People. He aptly understood that humanity is the bases of leadership that deep –seated notions defined his trajectory and brought out his nationalism and great human capacity buildings.
To say he is a great unifying icon is an understatement. A person with great attribute of legislative candour whose magnetic personality has pulled almost all the senators in the hallow chamber toward him in support and sympathy for his aggressive national views and ideals as seen, heard and adumbrated in all his bills numbering over fourty (40), a record yet to be beaten or surpassed. Senator Sani 313 is not and has never been a bench warmer. He is always thinking of the crisis in various sections of the country, especially the Northeast and Northwest which have come under the grip of near annihilation but yet delivered the winning votes. In his efforts to project the gory detail of the infamy not only in the north he sponsored bills that reflect the true situation and conditions of the entire nation. Here are some of the bills he sponsored:-

  1. Nigerian Civic Defence Academy Pandogari. 2. Constitutional Court of Nigeria. 3. Loan recovery (Regulation) 4. National University of Medical and Health Science, Suleja. 5. National Railway Corporation (Act) Repeat and Reenacted. 6. Institute of Information Communication Technology Suleja. 7. Rape and Insurgency Victims Stigmatization (Prohibition) 8. Critical Information Protection
    The list goes on and on. All these could not be achieved without patriotism and sound educational background. Senator Sani 313 has an intimidating and much desired academic accomplishment. He is a practitioner in the management of conflict resolution. He has an international degree in conflict resolution from a prestigious university which he combines seamlessly with local experience to give him an edge. As a second term senator, with cumulative (40) bills to his credit, the senator deserves to lead the 10th senator. We at the Arewa initiative for good governance endorsees him for the senate presidency over and above all. He is capable to make laws that could define serious issues which could impact and transform the collective and unfortunate destiny of the north in particular and Nigeria in general. Those who are only considering continuous political victories for the north only in subsequent elections as the reason they want the seat have forgotten that being a senate president has gone beyond politique, vanity, popular or prestige, but something deeper and precarious, especially now that
    Nigeria is more divided and bifurcated than ever. Nigeria is living in constant fear of being annihilated. We all need fearless leader to give us all the assurances and peaceful back water, Sen. Sani 313 is no doubt a fearless leader, very intelligent man. He has the mentality of a good soldier who does not put all his cards on the table and he most of all understand what you are saying. His political ideology and social doctrine steeped in experience are perfectly coordinated in a well-balanced personality.
    Finally, Ladies and Gentlemen of the press Arewa Initiative for good governance has therefore taken a stand by what is right, not what is popular or vanity and unanimously endorsed senate Mohammed Sani Musa of Niger East Senatorial Zone as the next senate president of the 10th senate and also wish the other progressive senators to do the same for progress, peace, security and all inclusive government to emerge.
    Thank you all.
    Comrade Salisu Tanko

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