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By Memuna Tahir

Events of recent indicate to an unholy and mischievous alliance formed by Shehu Sani (an outgoing senator), John Danfulani (a confused self-acclaimed activist) and Sahara Reporters publisher, Sowore (who uses discredited news sources) to pursue an agenda for the total destabilization and balkanization of the North, beginning with Kaduna state.
I write this piece therefore as a bold and necessary step to alert the public and the authorities on unfolding developments and to draw attention to the emerging trends in Kaduna state that are pregnant with complications and unforeseen consequences.
This truly patriotic representation also aims to forestall the drift toward anarchy in the state, and also to alert the state and the community as to where responsibility would ultimately lie if such momentous and terrible events envisaged by this monstrous plot ever came to pass.

Going by preliminary observations of the unfolding scenarios, it is inevitable that conclusions and inferences are drawn from the actions of Shehu Sani, John Danfulani and Sowore that have shown indecency, unpatriotism and lack of love of Kaduna state and fellow citizens.

That the current spate of propaganda and lies that have been ongoing ceaselessly since the defeat of Shehu at the primaries of the All Progressives Congress are aimed at inciting widespread discontent to render the state practically ungovernable, and usher in anarchy and instability thereby occasioning the discrediting of the current state government by whatever means and tactics.

Even the recent security situation experienced in some parts of Kaduna town and environs with the continuous communal disharmony are symptoms of the disquiet in the state that has been exacerbated by the political opportunism and moral corruption of those bent on executing this destructive agenda.
Obviously it is not in doubt that the aims of these reactionaries represented by Shehu and his group are to halt the mass development drive and reverse the populist tendencies of the current state government.

Of recent, these three musketeers have seized upon the slightest of pretense to embarrass respected officials of the federal and state governments and attempted to give a bad name to the national leadership of the APC.

Already sensing the impending danger posed by this destructive agenda of Shehu and his allies, a group, the APC Solidarity Forum, raised the alarm over “Sahara Reporters’ hate campaigns, too many fake news on Kaduna and white lies designed to mislead the public”.

In a terse statement the group issued in Kaduna Friday morning, it said “every fake and bad news on Elrufai is usually manufactured by Sahara Reporters as ‘exclusive’ and dished out to the gullible public”.

The statement, signed by the group’s Chairman, Hafiz Ali Kujama described the Sahara Reporters as being openly biased against the Elrufai administration, saying “we won’t be surprised if the publisher of Sahara Reporters is a close political associate of Senator Shehu Sani, though we were reliably informed that his (publisher’s) best friend in Northern Nigeria is Professor John Danfulani, another sworn political enemy of Governor Elrufai”.

It can be seen that the targeting of Governor elrufai and his administration and singling him for attacks and irreverent treatment by Danfulani is aimed at causing inter-communal misunderstanding possibly leading to breakdown of law and order or general unrest that could portend towards discrediting the coming elections.

The resurgence of religious agitations especially with regards to the choice of elrufai’s running mate Hajiya Hadiza doubtlessly represent a much wider conspiracy to divide the people and bring the state down on its knees by incapacitation and balkanization.

That sweeping wave of mischievous propaganda by Sahara Reporters supported by Shehu Sani are alternative strategies employed to achieve the results that Danfulani may fail to achieve by direct incitement.

The above strategies plotted ironically by self-appointed champions of the interest of the masses, are however aimed at the long-term diminishing the viability of the state and rendering it incapable of standing on its own two feet and competing favourably with other parts of the country.

Sensing that their ultimate objectives may not be met through lies, propaganda and make-believe, resort is already being made by the gang of three to more desperate means, starting with veiled instigation to political unrest and fanning the embers of religious and ethnic discontent.

The above scenarios are planned to play out very close to 2019 to impede the successful conduct of elections and the return of the Elrufai government to power for the second time.

In this political chess game, it is essential that the good people of Kaduna state and the government anticipate and checkmates the maneuvers of the three musketeers in all possible and likely scenarios, so that democracy, peace and communal harmony would obtain and maintain ascendency over the destabilization plot of the forces of darkness.

Memuna lives in Kaduna State, Nigeria

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