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Speakers of Nigeria’s Conference of Youth Parliament  close ranks with Asian Dev Bank
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…Swings into action on sustainable development

In a pivotal summit coinciding with COP28, the Chairman of Conference of State Youth Parliament Speakers of Nigeria , Rt. Hon. Osawemwenhio Uwagboe, alongside Nigerian delegates have engaged in profound discussions with Masatsugu Asakawa, President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This transformative dialogue centered on forging strategic alliances aimed at propelling Nigeria’s sustainable development initiatives to new heights.

The Chairman’s leadership underscored critical imperatives pivotal to Nigeria’s advancement:

Empowering Youth and Enriching Education :

With unwavering fervor, the Chairman emphasized the pivotal role of youth empowerment and education as cornerstones of sustainable development. Deliberations unveiled strategies tailored to fortify access to quality education, vocational training, and skill development programs meticulously designed to equip Nigerian youths for future challenges.

Tackling Climate Change Challenges:

Nigeria’s pressing issues arising from climate change took center stage during this session. Delving into the heart of these challenges, participants explored potential synergies with the ADB, focusing on fortifying climate-resilient infrastructure, renewable energy projects, and sustainable agricultural practices to effectively combat these adversities.

Forging Collaborative Partnerships:

The discourse resonated with the significance of fostering strategic alliances between the ADB and diverse Nigerian entities, spanning governmental bodies, private sectors, and civil society organizations. These partnerships aim to collectively address developmental hurdles and forge a sustainable trajectory for the nation.

Sustainable Finance and Green Initiatives:

Visionary discussions gravitated around pioneering financial mechanisms and sustainable funding models. These mechanisms are envisioned to underpin green initiatives, foster climate-resilient projects, and drive environmentally sustainable developmental strides across Nigeria.

Capacity Building and Knowledge Exchange:

Highlighting the pivotal nature of capacity building and knowledge exchange, discussions centered on advancing Nigeria’s efforts in achieving sustainable developmental goals. This emphasis aims to propel the nation towards new thresholds of progress and prosperity.

The summit culminated with an air of optimism, unveiling the vast potential for a synergistic partnership between the Conference of State Youth Parliament Speakers of Nigeria and the Asian Development Bank. This united front, dedicated to nurturing sustainable development, stands as a beacon lighting the path towards a resilient and thriving future for Nigeria.

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