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The Great Sokoto Swindle: Tambuwal’s N16bn FG Funds Fiasco
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By Musa Achida

The people of Sokoto State have been left reeling in shock and disbelief following the revelation that the immediate past administration of former Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal left behind a staggering N14 billion in unpaid gratuity and pension for retirees, despite collecting N16 billion from the Federal Government to offset the dues.

This bombshell, dropped by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, has exposed the false claims made by Tambuwal before the Senate that he had defrayed all liabilities linked to civil servants’ entitlements in the state, including gratuity and pension dues.

The APC alleged that Tambuwal’s administration collected the N16 billion from the Federal Government but failed to channel the resources as directed, leaving behind a trail of financial recklessness and impunity.

This scandalous revelation has sparked outrage and anger among the people of Sokoto, who feel betrayed by Tambuwal’s administration. The former governor’s actions have not only caused financial hardship for the retirees but also brought shame and disgrace to the state.

The people of Sokoto demand answers and justice. They want to know how Tambuwal’s administration managed to squander such a huge amount of money meant for the welfare of retirees. They want to know why Tambuwal made false claims before the Senate, and they want those responsible for this financial fiasco to be held accountable.

The Sokoto State government must take immediate action to investigate this matter and ensure that those responsible are brought to book. The retirees who have been shortchanged by Tambuwal’s administration must be paid their entitlements in full, and measures must be put in place to prevent such financial recklessness in the future.

The people of Sokoto will not forget this betrayal anytime soon, and they will be watching closely to see how the state government handles this matter. Tambuwal’s legacy is now tainted with corruption and financial mismanagement, and it is up to the current administration to restore the trust and confidence of the people by meting out the appropriate sanctions.

Achida wrote from Rigasa, Kaduna

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