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The untold truth about the new NNPCL

By Umar Ardo (Ph.D)

Facts of the new NNPLC are correct and clear – the government can make all the changes of nomenclatures of the institutions running the oil and gas industry and noise about it, but they’ll still have no positive bearings in the operations and output of the system as the issues remain unchanged.

The 1st issue of the NNPCL will be overcoming the congenital corruption endemic in the operational system of the oil and gas industry that killed the NNPC itself in the first place. The bare truth is that high wired corruption is central in the operation of the sector as it is the milking cow for those in government and those who run the affairs of the industry. Without patriotism, honesty and transparency infused as cardinal in the operation of the oil and gas sector in particular and all public institutions at large, which is clearly lacking in the manner, way and motives of the present NNPLC policy formulation and direction, there’ll simply be no hope of making any progress in the oil and gas sector;

The 2nd issue is having competent manpower to turn the company around, if we ever somehow overcome the 1st challenge. As we speak, the NNPCL simply lack this manpower;

The 3rd issue is having functional and operating oil and gas plants or facilities with competent staff to run them. As it is now, as a result of misplaced priorities and lack of training its staff, there’re no skilled staff running any such facility in the country.

The above 3 issues are mainly responsible for the destruction of the oil and gas sector of Nigeria. The so-called recent reform is nothing but cosmetic self-serving exercise aimed at continuing the pillage using other nomenclatures.

Ardo is the gubernatorial candidate of SDP in Adamawa State.

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