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Tinubu: Promises Made, Promises Unkept
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By Abdul-Azeez Suleiman
Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Nigerian current president, has made numerous promises to the people of Nigeria during electioneering. From revamping the economy to ending insecurity and corruption, Tinubu has made grandiose claims that have failed to materialize. His track record of promises made and promises unkept is a clear indication of his lack of commitment to the welfare of the Nigerian people.
One of Tinubu’s key promises was to revamp the economy and create jobs for the youth. However, under his leadership, Nigeria has continued to struggle with high unemployment rates and a stagnant economy. Despite his promises to implement policies that would stimulate economic growth, Tinubu has failed to deliver on this front. The lack of progress in revamping the economy has left many Nigerians disillusioned with his leadership.
In addition to his promises on the economy, Tinubu has also failed to address the issue of insecurity in Nigeria. Despite his claims to prioritize national security, the country continues to grapple with high levels of violence and terrorism. The failure to contain insecurity has had devastating consequences for the Nigerian people, with many living in fear for their safety on a daily basis.
Furthermore, Tinubu’s promises to tackle corruption have also fallen short. Despite his pledges to root out corruption at all levels of government, Nigeria continues to be plagued by widespread corruption. The lack of progress in addressing corruption has eroded public trust in the government and undermined efforts to promote transparency and accountability.
Overall, Tinubu’s track record of promises made and promises unkept is a clear indication of his failure to prioritize the needs of the Nigerian people. His lack of commitment to revamping the economy, ending insecurity, and tackling corruption has had far-reaching consequences for the country.
In February 2023, Northern Nigerian voters trusted Tinubu to lead our nation through and out of its limitations, into a future in which they will live secure lives and pursue livelihoods in a united Nigeria whose resources will be protected by leaders. However, months into the administration, Tinubu appears to be pursuing policies that are weakening the North politically and economically.
Tinubu’s unpopular policy of relocating key federal government departments and agencies from Abuja to Lagos is clearly aimed at achieving dubious political goals and weakening the North. If Tinubu does not move beyond lamentations and address the needs of all Nigerians, including those in the North, he risks losing the support of the people.
The North will insist on justice and use their votes in a manner consistent with their interests as Northerners. The foundations of a nation are rooted in addressing the needs of its citizens, and Tinubu must prioritize the welfare of all Nigerians to gain their trust and support.

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