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Two reasons why 2023 presidency may elude Southeast – Tanko Yakasai

Northern elder statesman and politician, Tanko Yakasai has weighed in on the clamour for 2023 Igbo presidency. The 96-year-old founder of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has identified two major reasons why it might be difficult for the Southeastern region to produce the next president of Nigeria after president Muhammadu Buhari. According to Yakasai, Southeastern politicians and elders are not not properly engaging and consulting other regions ahead of 2023. The elder statesman believes that the region should identify with other regions and present their arguments why they should be allowed to produce the next president of Nigeria.
Another reason identified by Yakasai, who is also a former Political adviser to Second Republic’s President Shehu Shagari, is the ongoing agitations for secession within the Southeastern region. Tanko Yakasai opines that such agitations might put the region in a difficult position ahead of the 2023 general elections. He revealed that other Nigerians might find it difficult to trust Igbos with the unity of Nigeria. This is basically because of the support which Nnamdi Kanu enjoys from the region. 

Going forward, Tanko Yakasai has given Ndigbo the shortest route to achieve 2023 Igbo presidency. It is now left for the Igbo leaders and politicians to reposition themselves and their interests ahead of 2023. To start with, power is not given, it is taken. Igbo leaders should massively engage other regional leaders ahead of 2023. The apex sociocultural organisation in the region, Ohanaeze Ndigbo should start consulting their counterparts in other regions. This would grant them the avenue to present genuine reasons why 2023 Igbo presidency should be considered. 

More so, the Southeastern region should start distancing itself from secession movements. One cannot be agitating for the breakup of a country and at the same time agitating to rule the same country. This is the unfortunate circumstance that is obtainable in the Southeastern region. As Tanko rightly said, Nigerians may find it difficult to trust Igbos with the unity of Nigeria. It is therefore very necessary that Igbo leaders, politicians and ndigbo at large, should embrace a united Nigeria and shun all forms of secession tendencies. 
However, politics has been understood to be a game of numbers. If one does not have the necessary numbers, their political interests will be significantly truncated. Southeastern region needs these numbers ahead of 2023 and a lot of diplomacy should be implored in other to have these numbers.


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