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Uba Sani’s Four Months as Kaduna State Governor
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By Suleiman Abdul-Azeez
In May 2023, Uba Sani was sworn-in as Governor of Kaduna State to succeed Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. Four months after taking his oath of office, it is worth taking a critical look at his performance, vision, and impact on the state.
One of the first commendable steps taken by Uba Sani was his appointment of a competent and efficient team to assist him in his tasks. He assembled a team of skilled professionals who brought to the table their wealth of experience and expertise. It is evident that they are dedicated to the task of actualizing the vision of his government.
Furthermore, Uba Sani’s four-month tenure has been characterized by his commitment to ensuring that his administration implements policies that positively impact the lives and welfare of the citizens of Kaduna. He has demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges facing the state and has worked tirelessly to proffer solutions to these challenges.
One of the areas where Uba Sani has made significant strides is in the area of security. In collaboration with other stakeholders, he has taken proactive measures to curtail the activities of criminal elements in the state. This has resulted in a significant reduction in the incidence of kidnappings and banditry in the state.
In addition to his focus on security, Uba Sani has also prioritized education and youth empowerment. He has worked to ensure that more youths in the state have access to quality education and training. Through various interventions, his government has provided funding for the training of young entrepreneurs, which will go a long way in reducing youth unemployment in the state.
Some of the recent developments in Kaduna State under Uba Sani’s leadership include the continuation of his predecessor’s free maternal and child health programme aimed at reducing infant and maternal mortality rates in the state. The programme has seen thousands of women benefit from free antenatal care, delivery services and postnatal care.
Another area where Uba Sani has made significant strides is in agriculture where he is pursuing policies that promote agricultural development and food security in the state.
Furthermore, Uba Sani has also recorded successes in attracting foreign investments into the state. His efforts have shall eventually lead to the establishment of several industries which will provide employment opportunities for thousands of youths in the state.
Overall, Uba Sani’s four months as governor have been marked by a commitment to improving the lives of citizens through strategic policies and interventions.
In conclusion, Uba Sani has demonstrated commitment to serving the people of Kaduna State. In just four months, he has achieved notable successes in achieving the goals of the Kaduna State government. With his wealth of experience and dedication to service, there is no doubt that he will continue to make significant strides for the development of the state.
His achievements so far are commendable, and there is no doubt that he will continue to make significant contributions to the development of Kaduna State.

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