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By Abdulaziz Musa Alhassan, LLB, ACaSi, FYALI, MBABS.

With all sense of political and socio -economic realities in Kaduna State, it is imperative to respond to some political juggernauts parading themselves as “stakeholders” and also set the record straight over all manners of incorrect informations and obvious sheer hatred profiled against the person of Mallam Balarabe Abbas Lawal, The Honorable Minister Of Environment, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Firstly, It is one thing to misconstrue political narratives to suite personal agendas, but it is another to castigate a National Appointment in its entirety, especially when the appointee is a highly experienced professional, a public servant with over 40 years positive records in the service of the nation. Certainly, it is not about competence nor the ability to deliver on assigned mandate. It is however a smear campaign by certain individuals who feel to be uncompensated in the ensuing political dispensation that followed the 2023 General Elections in Kaduna State. That is not how political leaders ought to behave; a democratic setting cannot favor every single individual or politician. However, unity is KEY.

Against their own moral conscience, these individuals selfishly lied that The Governor of Kaduna State, Sen Uba Sani and The Deputy Governor (Economic Policy), Central Bank Of Nigeria, Muhammad Sani Dattijo are all from Zaria Local Government. This is evidently untrue. Sen Uba Sani represented Kaduna Central Senatorial District in the Nigerian Senate (2019-2023), with his polling unit at Kawo ward, Kaduna North Local Government. Likewise Mr. Dattijo; He also contested for the same seat at the 2023 General Elections under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), with his polling unit at Gabasawa ward, Kaduna North Local Government. These two individuals have dedicated their political journeys and life endeavors to the Central Area of Kaduna State (Zone 2 Senatorial Zone), and millions of individuals are benefiting (inclusive of Zaria indigenes). So it is only hypocritical to insinuate that “the principle of zoning for the 3 zones in Kaduna State is being undermined” just because your favorite was not appointed.

Secondly, with all sense of reasoning, it is crystal clear that the eight (8) years administration of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai was nothing short of excellent. His tenure saw an unprecedented reform of the state’s civil service, high Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) performance, infrastructure development and massive economic reinvigoration. Mallam Balarabe Abbas Lawal served as the Secretary To The State Government (SSG) over these years and played a pivotal role. He was a strong pillar in Kaduna State Government, both administratively and politically. He has influenced numerous political developments, FDIs, social investments and welfare of the entire masses in Kaduna State. This is evident with the strong political will he has enjoyed from his people. His nomination as a Minister of The Federal Republic of Nigeria was massively celebrated across Kaduna State due to his selfless interest to put Kaduna State and its People FIRST, in any circumstance, especially as it relates to Governance and Politics.

It is also noteworthy that the 2023 General Elections was one with so many complexities, especially considering states like Kaduna with diversities and an already heated polity. However, It was necessary for the APC to effectively cover all political grounds in the state and ensure electoral success. Mal Balarabe Abbas deployed experience and expertise in this regard. The All Progressives Congress against all odds recorded relative success scoring over 40% of lawful votes cast in the Presidential Elections. Mal Balarabe’s influence, capacity and dignity across the entire Kaduna State is cannot be overemphasized. He is the only political leader that every stakeholder respects and dignifies, which is a testament to his good character, straightforwardness, integrity and selfless service.

It is high time for their said “favorite” who was a Commissioner in Kaduna State to call his political soldiers to order. Mal Balarabe Abbas was and still is indeed a worthy Leader, which Jafaru Sani himself will testify when asked to recount the past 8 years they both served as members of the Kaduna State Executive Council.

In retrospect, all hands need to be on deck for unity and development to prevail in Kaduna State’s political climate. The Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr. President and Likewise The Sustain Kaduna Agenda of Gov Uba Sani can only be achieved if all leaders and stakeholders sheath their swords and come together to work for progress, unity and development.

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