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World Peace Day: Uba Sani rolls out plan for security, stability
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Kaduna State Governor, Senator Uba Sani has restated his administration’s committment to building peace, tackling insecurity, even as he unveils the framework for a safer Kaduna State.

He dropped the hint as the Guest of Honour at a symposium organized by the Kaduna Peace Commission to commemorate the 2023 International Day of Peace with the theme “Call for Action: #GlobalGoals” which took place at Kaduna State University (KASU). The event was put together by Kaduna Peace Commission, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), West African Network for Peace-builders and Mercy Corp.

The governor, who was represented at the event by his Special Adviser on Peace and Conflict Resolution, Honourable Atiku Isaac Sankey, said his administration is bolstering the security architecture of the state with the recruitment of 7,000 additional vigilante members, to join the existing 2,000 in the Kaduna Vigilance Service for a community policing model that complements the efforts of national security agencies.

He assured that the administration will deepen dialogue among the diverse communities in the state by strengthening the platforms that allow for open, frank, and honest discussions that are essential in addressing issues of significance.

The Governor aide then told participants thus: “Citizen engagement lies at the heart of Governor Uba Sani’s administration. Through town hall meetings, public consultations, and grassroots initiatives, we will create avenues for meaningful participation and input from our citizens.”

He went on to say that Governor Uba Sani’s administration recognizes the invaluable role being played by the traditional institutions, which serve as vital links between the government and the people, adding that their knowledge and wisdom are invaluable in maintaining peace and security.

Sankey further said that in order to truly address insecurity and build sustainable peace, Governor Sani firmly believes in the importance of human capital development, inclusiveness, and poverty eradication, adding that “these pillars form the foundation upon which the administration’s peace-building efforts stand.

“By investing in education, healthcare, skills training, and job creation, we will empower individuals and communities, fostering an environment of opportunity and growth.

“Through inclusive policies and programs, we will ensure that no one is left behind, and every citizen has a stake in the progress of our state.

“Additionally, we will tackle poverty head-on, recognizing its role as a driver of conflict and social unrest. By implementing targeted poverty alleviation programs, we can uplift the most vulnerable members of our society and create a more just and equitable Kaduna State.

He reiterated the administration’s commitment to work in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders and organizations to achieve its seven-point agenda outlined in the SUSTAIN Manifesto.

He commended the Kaduna Peace Commission, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), West African Network for Peace-builders, Mercy Corp and Kaduna State University for organizing the symposium which he said presented another platform for a robust discussion and ideation to consolidate the gains made in the area of peacebuilding and security in Kaduna State.

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