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By Ahmed Dogo

The recent nomination of General Zamani Lekwot as the co-chairman of the Kaduna State Elders Forum has ignited passionate debates within our community, with voices like Nura Bako Zango calling on the Governor of Kaduna State to reconsider this choice. It’s imperative to address these concerns while highlighting the urgent need for reconciliation and unity in our cherished state.

First and foremost, it’s essential to clarify that Governor Uba Sani did not personally nominate General Lekwot for this position. The elders who convened the meeting were responsible for this appointment. To provide context, Governor Uba Sani engaged in a meeting with a delegation of esteemed elders from Kaduna State Elders and Senior Citizens. These venerable individuals expressed their willingness to collaborate with the government in addressing pressing issues like insecurity and poverty.

During this meeting, the Governor proposed that the forum should convene quarterly and that co-chairmen should be appointed. However, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to democratic principles, Governor Uba Sani abstained from imposing or nominating the co-chairmen himself. Instead, he granted the elders who had convened the meeting the autonomy to select the co-chairmen. The outcome of their collective decision was the appointment of Mallam Abubakar Mustapha mni and General Zamani Lekwot (retd) as co-chairmen.

While some may perceive this selection contentious due to General Lekwot’s past, it’s crucial to acknowledge that our justice system emphasizes rehabilitation and second chances.

Leadership, requires one to be above emotions and sentiments. Our primary focus should be on promoting inclusivity in governance and nurturing an environment where people from all backgrounds collaborate for the betterment of our state. Instead of dwelling on past grievances, we should encourage dialogue and cooperation to address the root causes of insecurity and division.

The interactive session between the Governor and the elders concentrated on vital areas of partnership, encompassing education, security, agriculture, and infrastructure development.

It’s noteworthy that Senator Uba Sani’s leadership has been characterized by inclusivity, transcending individuals’ backgrounds, reflected not only in his statements but also in his appointments and strategic endeavors. The people of Kaduna State must unite for the sake of peace and progress, with an emphasis on reconciliation, tolerance, and collaboration to tackle the underlying causes of insecurity and poverty, including education, agriculture, trade, and drug abuse.

Polarization and further divisions serve no one’s interests. We must remember that our shared objective is a peaceful and prosperous Kaduna State. In the face of economic hardships and security challenges affecting Kaduna residents and Nigerians at large, now is the time to remain focused on shared prosperity rather than distracted by divisive provocations.

Let us refrain from making statements or taking actions that could hinder our collective journey toward a brighter future. Together, we can surmount the challenges ahead and construct a Kaduna State of which we can all be rightfully proud.

Ahmed Dogo,Writes from Kachia

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