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Zamfara 2019: History beckons on Dauda Lawal


By Fatima Taurus

That the name of Dauda Lawal came first  on the list of successfully screened 2019 Zamfara governorship candidates is a sign that  the man has started  the journey on a sound footing, so said a friend of mine jocularly. Most importantly,  if you wonder what happens to the democratic space of Zamfara in 2019, you are also battling with the kind of anxiety in my own mind.

Evidently, mis-governance has become Zamfara’s second name, especially in the last three years. The old men and women are lamenting, while the youth are restless about Zamfara’s democratic future under incumbent Governor Abdul’Aziz Yari.

The general outcry on the Zamfara State political terrain today is: where do we go from here? What becomes of the democratic future of a State reeling from all indices of underdevelopment?

In this atmosphere of multiple tragedy that Zamfara has become in the last three years, a glimmer of hope is slowly manifesting, as the young entrepreneur from the State, Dauda Lawal is dominating the democratic space. He has since fired the imagination of the frustrated youth, about a rosy future after the emergence of a revolutionary leadership.  Lawal is undoubtedly Zamfara’s new face of hope.

The case of Zamfara has been pathetic because those at the helm of affairs over the past three years were the kind of leaders driven by the hunger for absolute power. And they would want all the records of political goodwill of Zamfara sons like Dauda Lawal to be either wiped clean or blacked out. And that is impossible because the level of decay in the State has made the quest for leadership change ever more glaring. With a vast array of voluntary empowerment efforts, this young entrepreneur has now wormed his way into the hearts of the majority of poor people in Zamfara.

With intense pressure on Dauda Lawal to stand out as the next messiah of Zamfara State in 2019 becoming increasingly overwhelming by the day, it should not be difficult to see that this young entrepreneur is the masses most-favored choice.

Anyone could be forgiven if he or she assumes that incumbent Governor Yari was the 2015 error of Zamfara State voters. But truism is that no mistake is beyond redemption. It is to this extent that the emergence of Dauda Lawal on the Zamfara political terrain has the strongest potentials of turning around the fortunes of the State.

I was told that even the incumbent governor of the State has now sensed that the young entrepreneur is one aspirant favored by history. It is also obvious to all discerning observers of Zamfara politics that the gale of recent media campaign of calumny against Dauda Lawal by some spin doctors suspected to working in cahoots the incumbent governor’s camp is collapsing like a pack of cards. The hoopla is gradually  giving way to real-clear politics. The enviable records of massive empowerment efforts of Days ago Laws and his unbeatable efforts in bringing succour  to the economically-wounded Zamfara society has created enough political goodwill  for the young entrepreneur. According to pundits, Dada Lawal’s other strength is the wherewithal to make the expected impact. This,  they argue, is because he does not only have his blueprint  for turning around the fortunes of the State, with his exceptional background  in banking and finance but also has the necessary human and material resources to lead a successful campaign for Zandra governorship.

As we sail closer to 2019 general elections, Dauda Lawal represents a badly-needed game-changer for a State that has been heavily battered by clueless leadership for three good years. This, I dare say, is self-evident.

Taurus wrote from Kaduna

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