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Senator Danladi Sankara the democrat

By Maryam Hassan

Senator Danladi Abdullahi Sankara is a firebrand Senator of the 9th Senate who has been making waves in today’s Nigeria. He has been able to live up to expectation as a lawmaker who really means business.

The other day he moved a motion on the problem of street begging and within a few minutes about 26 of his colleagues gave their support.

Sankara is not just in the Senate to etch his name in gold in Nigeria’s political history but he is there to apply his passion for making lives better for his Jigawa constituents. It is undeniable that the lawmaker has built a reputation for promoting socio-economic development through meaningful participation in the debates on the floor of the Senate. He stands as a conscious figure in the efforts by fellow compatriots to make Nigeria great socially, politically and economically.

Senator Sankara believes that politics is all about servie to humanity. This partly explains why it is hard to keep count of the number of people within and outside Jigawa State who have gained so much from his milk of human kindness.
One interesting fact about why Senator Sankara has been a successful politician for decades is his generosity. The man seems to be having as his hobby, helping the poor and the weak ones in our society. It all started with his records of philanthropy in Jigawa State for many years. He helped to raise capital for small businesses to survive. He raised funds to help with admission into tertiary institutions for the children of the poor. Education, as far as he is concerned, is one important pillar for the development of the society and it needs complementry financial support from distinguished volunteers like him.

Senator Danladi Abdullahi Sankara has been a formidable force to reckon with inside the Senate today. This is because he talks less and moves strong motions unexpectedly.

As a fan of this Senator, I am very proud of his conduct as a lawmaker. He brought so much hope for his constituents as a capable representative. I won’t mind voting for him over and over again, because he is such a determined legislator in the 9th Senate. He has to be celebrated as a shining star of legislative business in the Nigeria of today.

Maryam sent this article from Kaduna Stat

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